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2021-05-27 09:28:30

Today we bring a Graven guide where we take care of telling you How to complete the lice Slough, let's see.

What does it take to complete the posh swamp in Graven?

This is a necessary action that is usually done in this game, and where we will be involved in the task of doing the not very lucrative work that others simply do not want to do, it is necessary to take care of clearing the center of the underground area even when there are no major clues about the work to be done.

How to complete the lice Slough in Graven?

Although it is true this task does not offer further details, it only tells us about a stuck tomb that is under the city and we must take care of clearing it in Graven, the detail is that we are not given details related to the entrance of the same, in such In this sense, knowing how to complete the lice Slough leads us to take charge of talking with the city guards and returning to the docks to locate the lice barrels, once these have been seen we must take one to see the door that is blocked later having left the docks, in such a way that it is necessary to take charge of placing the red barrel, brakes the door, in such a way that we must proceed to hit it so that it can explode and from there we will proceed to remove the wood, but this is a double edged sword because it is possible that the character could be damaged.

Upon gaining access to the area we proceed to go down the stairs to receive the first spell, inflame and use the fire spell in order to eliminate the wooden blocks, on the right side it is necessary to take care of pulling the lever so that the door and that this allows us to raise the door and from this node observe that there are some number of undead creatures, here a fight usually occurs in the next room especially because these are usually scattered throughout this place in Graven and this makes it necessary to eliminate it Only the fire spells are not recommended, it is necessary to take care of making our way through the dungeon and go to the right side of the chamber to look for a ladder, then go to the top of it where we will see the lever Mechanic that can pick up a piece needed to solve the puzzle that comes next.

During this process, to know how to complete the lice Slough, it is necessary to return with the lever which makes it necessary to return to the central chamber, there we will see a door to which it is necessary to place the lever on the right side of the wall and lift the door that allows us to get access to a good amount of barrels of flames and place them in some piles of corpses that are scattered around the place, it is necessary to get closer to eliminating the piles of corpses with the red barrels that are:


  •  One behind us where we have opened the door.
  • Another pile is in the next room on floor 2 and after that it is necessary to go with the guard at the front door.


This is all you need to know about how to complete the lice Slough and thus progress in Graven.

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