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This article is about where to find Fragile Bone Shards in Genshin Impact.

Welcome to the world of Genshin Impact! Here, you can explore the vast world of Teyvat and battle dangerous monsters. One such monster are the Geovishaps, which drop the valuable Fragile Bone Shards. In this blog, we'll cover where to find Fragile Bone Shards in Genshin Impact, so you can upgrade your weapons and take on even more dangerous foes.

Overview of Fragile Bone Shards

Fragile Bone Shards are a rare item dropped by Geovishaps, a type of monster found in Genshin Impact. These shards are used to upgrade weapons, and can be found in clusters of Geovishaps.

Where to Find Fragile Bone Shards in Genshin Impact

There are four different types of Geovishaps you will encounter in Genshin Impact: Geovishap Hatchlings, Geovishaps, Primo Geovishaps, and the Primo Geovishap Boss. All of these creatures drop Fragile Bone Shards, so it's important to know where to find them.

Geovishap Variants

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Geovishap Hatchlings are the weakest of the Geovishap variants, and can be found in lower-level regions of Genshin Impact.  They tend to appear in clusters of two or three and drop one Fragile Bone Shard when defeated.

Geovishaps are slightly tougher than their Hatchling counterparts, and can also be found in clusters of two or three. However, they drop two Fragile Bone Shards when defeated.

Primo Geovishaps are the toughest of all the Geovishap variants and appear in harder regions of the game. They drop three Fragile Bone Shards when defeated.

Best Clusters of Geovishaps

There are some areas in Genshin Impact that have particularly dense clusters of Geovishaps. These areas are the best places to find Fragile Bone Shards. Here are a few of the top spots: 

  • North of Mt. Aocang: This is a really popular spot for farming Fragile Bone Shards. The Geovishap population here is dense and the area is easy to traverse.
  • Tianqiu Valley: This area is slightly more difficult to navigate, but it's home to many Geovishaps. There are plenty of Fragile Bone Shards to be found here.
  • Nantiamen: This area is full of Geovishaps and is easy to traverse, making it a great spot to farm Fragile Bone Shards.
  • Northern Mt. Tianheng: This area is home to many Geovishaps, and is relatively easy to traverse. You can find a lot of Fragile Bone Shards here.

Primo Geovishap Boss

The Primo Geovishap Boss is a much tougher version of the other Geovishaps. This powerful enemy is located in Dragonspine, and drops a whopping nine Fragile Bone Shards when defeated.

  • Description of Boss: The Primo Geovishap Boss is a powerful enemy, and is highly recommended for players with a higher level of combat experience. This enemy is larger than other Geovishaps and is accompanied by two smaller Geovishaps.
  • When to Tackle Boss: It's recommended to take on the Primo Geovishap Boss when you have a strong team and are at least level 30. This will ensure that you have a better chance of defeating the enemy and obtaining all nine Fragile Bone Shards.

Fragile Bone Shards are a valuable resource in Genshin Impact, and can be found by defeating Geovishaps. Geovishaps can be found in clusters in many locations throughout the game, but the best places for farming are North of Mt. Aocang, Tianqiu Valley, Nantiamen, and Northern Mt. Tianheng. The Primo Geovishap Boss, located in Dragonspine, is an especially powerful enemy and will drop nine Fragile Bone Shards when defeated. With this knowledge, you should now be able to upgrade your weapons and take on the toughest of enemies in the game.

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