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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-06 13:54:30

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Read on, because today we will tell you where to find library back of the and gold bridle in Genshin Impact, so stay tuned.

What is the library quest in Genshin Impact?

It is an item related to The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent mission, for which you will have to explore Enkanomiya, where after finding the library and Enjou, you will have to find the Golden Bridle.

Where to find library back of the and gold bridle in Genshin Impact?

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The area you'll have to go to is located north of the library area, where you'll have to collect some key seals that you pass along the way. And when you reach the site, you will have to investigate until you find a building that has the chest you are looking for inside. You will have to access the building to open the chest, you will find a couple of walls with a kind of ice or glass below, you will have to move them with the nearby mechanisms that you will have to move using your weapon.

Hit the mechanism on the right, then head to the one on the left and hit it > when you have moved the walls you will be able to access a clear passage to the chest, in which there will be the Golden Flange, which you will have to deliver Enjou in the library to continue the mission.

That's all you need to know about where to find library back of the and gold bridle in Genshin Impact, something quite easy, so you should be able to complete the mission in record time.

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