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Knowing how to unlock all Noelle Hangouts event endings allows us to enjoy more adventures in Genshin Impact.

What is Noelle's Hangouts event at Genshin Impact?

As we progress in this game we are offered the opportunity to live more adventures, since they are part of version 1.4, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to unlock all the endings of Noelle's Hangouts events, because we are precisely before the possibility to continue executing some tasks starting from having seen the exit of Noelle's Hangnout Event that requires 2 "Story Keys" and these in turn are usually achieved when we complete daily missions.

How to unlock all Noelle Hangouts event endings in Genshin Impact?

This is an activity that leads us to consider a total of 6 different endings, because our first action before knowing How to unlock all the endings of Noelle's Hangouts events leads us to mobilize to Mondstadt where Noelle usually is, in this sense, is It is vital to understand that we must make particular choices to work based on the story of the “Fantastic Journey”.

End of unsuccessful anticipation: this is Noelle's first ending in Genshin Impact and to carry it out it is necessary to choose to interact with Noelle, as this opens up the possibilities of forming a dialogue about “we could do something else”, this will precisely get excited and this opens the way for us to execute other interesting dialogues that are part of our task to know how to unlock all the endings of Noelle's Hangouts events and the most relevant are the following:

  • We could do something else.
  • How about we go out into town?

Hasty goodbye: we continue in the search to know how to unlock all the endings of Noelle's Hangouts events and this allows us to embark on an interesting search that includes the possibility of traveling, since it is necessary to wait while the dialogue usually occurs “We could do something else ", And from there choose to select another particular dialogue that has some influence to reach this ending and is" A walk through nature ", this simply translates into the need to mobilize to the" Meadow of the dandelion ", It is an excellent place to open chests because we got a considerable amount, our work in this end of these events in Genshin Impact leads us to follow Noelle in order to reach the cliff, once we are here we get an adventurer who will tell us that Let's leave that place, and therefore we managed to find this end.

End of the dressing room Royce: The search for the end of events of Hougnouts de Noelle is still latent in Genshin Impact and this end precisely involves the possibility of following a food vendor in addition to taking care of cooking, for our good fortune the place is marked on the map which can be a kind of advantage, in this sense, knowing how to unlock all the endings of Noelle's Hangouts events makes us take care of interacting with it and wait a bit, while a dialogue appears where it says “sure! Let's go on an adventure! ”, And after that to answer“ Yes I want ” and“ You have cooked it, you can do whatever you want with it ”, once we have done this we will be given the option to deactivate a trap where we should proceed in this way:
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    • Alternative: You can do whatever you want with it.
    • Answer:The adventurer will be poisoned and in this way we will achieve the desired ending.

    Ready to make sacrifices:
    this is another necessary ending in these Noelle Hagnouts events in Genshin Impact, and it bears a certain resemblance to the previous ending, as it is also vital to cook ominous food, we must also have Noelle with us because it is vital to deactivate the trap:

    For this meal it is necessary to have:

    • 1 mint
    • 1 radish
    • 1 silt condensate.

    From this meal we are presented with the option “no way! You don't owe him anything ” where we get as a result the appearance of some options, because it is important that Noelle can eat the food because she was poisoned, and we will reach our goal of reaching that end, because in this way the search task about How Unlocking all of Noelle's Hangouts event endings just keeps getting more interesting.

    Ending No wonder it's a first-class commission ending: the activity we set about How to Unlock All Noelle Hangouts Event Endings embarks us on various tasks to reach them, because for this ending it is necessary to reach a certain place on the Genshin Impact map, as this is where endings 3 and 4 usually occur, in this sense our task is to take Noelle to the room where the lasers are, and she will want to test the mechanism, this usually occurs after having held a talk and wait while the dialogue usually occurs "of course! Let's go on an adventure", it is not the only dialogue, but there are some that are crucial, and they are "No, I usually go directly" and "Go ahead! Nowhere just by looking at them ”. Well, in the laser room we must say "Go ahead" so that it can allow you to activate the option and stay waxed in the dungeon together with the traveler, presenting us with the end.

    Lucky ending: this is the last ending of Noelle's Hangnouts events, and it usually occurs in the dungeon where Noelle and the traveler are locked up, as we can see that the difference in relation to testing the mechanism is that there are simply things that cannot be done alone Due to its dangerousness, once we say this Noelle and the traveler will activate the mechanism in order to open the next room, where there is a puzzle with torches, we talk with Noelle and examine a total of 3 luminous markers that allow us to get the clue and must be applied correctly:

    • Three torches.
    • A torch.
    • Two torches.

    Once this has been given for this ending of Noelle in Genshin Impact we manage to deactivate the trap automatically and this offers us the possibility of opening the chest to complete the ending.

    In this sense, knowing how to unlock all the endings of Noelle's Hangouts events allows us to embark on a long and arduous task through Genshin Impact.

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