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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-08 15:32:40

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Knowing how to solve an incomplete writing puzzle is an important task that we can do in Genshin Impact, let's see.

Why is it necessary to solve the incomplete writing puzzle in Genshin Impact?

  This is a necessary task that we must carry out in this game, since it is necessary to solve it and choose to get some fragments that may be relatively close to the Geo statues, knowing how to solve an incomplete writing puzzle can become somewhat complex and is that Being deceptive is part of their nature, however it is a necessary task in order to complete a side adventure.
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How to solve incomplete writing puzzle in Genshin Impact?

 It is necessary to understand that we are faced with the possibility of solving exactly two puzzles, for which it is necessary to focus on solving each one to give a certain final result, only that solving them can be somewhat more complex and confusing than we could imagine,, presents us with a sequence of activities only that have a particular sequence and that allows us to have the possibility of spawning a chest, these activities have a particular route such as:


  •  Interact from the middle pad.
  • Mention the windswept ruin.
  • The snowy peak.
  • The abode of the adepts.
  • The city of Liyue.

To solve the first puzzle you need:

  •  Interact with the first statue that is located next to the large pine branch.
  • Go to the second statue that is located at the base of the tree near the three-pointed crystal.
  • Then it is necessary to go to the other side of the pond where the statue on the left of the glass is located.
  • Then we will go twice to the second statue to the left of the third.


 The second puzzle leads us to interact with the statues in a certain order, for which it is necessary to look at the cardinal and intercardinal direction in which they can be found, it is necessary to get a clue interacting with the pad, for which it is necessary to consider:


  •  North.
  • Southeast.
  • Northwest.
  • Southwest.


 This simply translates to the fact that it will be necessary to choose to interact with it according to a certain order and that this may allow us to manage to spawn the chest to loot it, because even when these are somewhat confusing they can offer us interesting rewards that it is not possible to leave.

 In general terms, knowing How to solve an incomplete writing puzzle allows us to choose to solve a total of two and get some necessary fragments in Genshin Impact.

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