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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-08 15:29:15

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Our tour of Genshin Impact allows us to do some interesting activities, let's see how to open the nine pillars

What is the point of opening the nine pillars in Genshin Impact?

This really is a necessary task, since it allows us to have the possibility, on the one hand, of spending some long time in a world that becomes quite long, on the other hand, completing some number of missions, some easier than others, in addition to exploring a game with a unique combat mechanic and a random amount of loot, however, we generally spend most of our time exploring the last pillar since it is the most relevant.
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How to open the nine pillars in Genshin Impact?

The pillars simply tend to form a rough circle with a stone inscribed within them, it is necessary to activate said stone since this action will allow us to start our search in the nearby temple, only that this activity requires in the first instance to have collected 9 Stones of Remembrance After having made improvements to the statues of the Seven, with the stones in our possession the possibility of searching for the 9 pillars that are located in the region of the Cuijue Slope opens up.

We continue our work to know how to open the nine pillars and this leads us to go up to the bright orange panel of each pillar and proceed to interact with it, this process allows us to consume the Stone of Remembrance in such a way that the pillar is activated to the search, this must be done with the 9 pillars, as it is the way to open the temple, once this is done things get a bit more complicated, as it will be necessary to have brought some formidable characters, since we will be immersed in some encounters of which it is necessary to leave unharmed and proceed to make our way through the Ruin Guard, this allows us to opt for some reward such as chests, since these usually have an artifact of the Royal Flora inside, which simply It allows us to understand that the search has come to an end, thus achieving Adventure Rank and a ring that we can perfectly sell.

 In this sense, knowing how to open the nine pillars leads us to work hard to get interesting rewards in Genshin Impact.

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