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Angel Marquez
2020-11-25 16:57:58

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This time we return with a Genshin Impact guide to explain how to prepare all the special dishes.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

At present we may be before the best role-playing game, the variants that we find in the characteristics that we will see will lead us to have a lot of entertainment, among which are the special dishes, the kitchen being an important factor, depending on each character you can prepare different dishes, so we are going to see in this guide the details regarding how to prepare all the special dishes, so let's pay attention from now on.
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How to prepare all the special dishes in Genshin Impact?


  •  Xingqiu: Delicacy of the field which affects the health of all the members that we have in a game restores 34 percent health and regenerates every 5 seconds for 30 seconds of duration 1410 CV.
  • Xiangling: this character has the special dish Boiled Fish from Wanmin Restaurant and this has the effect of restoring the maximum health of the members in the game of 34 percent and that in every 5 seconds for about 30 seconds 1410 of HP.
  • Venti: The special dish is The real Barbatos Ratatouille and its effect is based on allowing all group members to have a low power consumption of 35 percent for about 1800 seconds.
  • Razor: has the Hash Brown Paw Dog that has the effect of restoring 40 percent of maximum health and in other cases 3350 in this regard.
  • Noelle: The special dish is the Lighter-than-Air Pancake that has the effect of reviving a character and in turn restores 20 percent of maximum health, plus another 550 percent of health.
  • Ningguang: Caelum Terra Mora's Meat is her special dish, with which she has the effect of reviving a character and of her maximum health is restored by 20 percent, also a possible 550 additionals.
  • Lisa: Mysterious Bolognese is the dish of this character, with which it is possible to achieve the restoration of 26 percent of the maximum health of the party members, including 590 additional health, this occurs for 30 seconds for 5 seconds.
  • Klee: this one has the Fish Toast with it, achieving the effect of improving our defense in the game by 141 in about 300 seconds.
  • Kaeya: the dish for this one is Fruit Skewers, with which we will have the restoration of maximum health by 16 percent and also another 1200.
  • Jean: as for How to prepare all the special dishes this character has the invigorating Pizza and with it the effect of 34 percent of the maximum restoration of the party members and for every 5 seconds in 30 seconds 1410 HP.
  • Fischl: this presents the Blessed Symphony with which you get an increase in physical damage caused by 60 percent this for 300 seconds.
  • Diluc: You have Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt affecting an increase in critical rate by 20 percent and critical damage by 20 percent for about 300 seconds.
  • Bennett: we have the Crispy Teyvat Egg and the effect of reviving a character in which in turn restores 10 percent of their maximum health, also adding 150 of it.
  • Beidou: We have here in Genshin Impact the special dish of Sauteed Meat Slices and its effect on reviving a character while restoring 10 percent of their maximum health, including an additional 150.
  • Barbara: Spicy Stew has the effect of reducing sprinting stamina for all of us in the game by 35 percent for 180 seconds.
  • Amber: Outrider's Champion Meat! it has the effect of reviving a character by adding 10 percent of her health restored in addition to 150 points of it.


 Having ready the dishes that each of the characters is capable of making, we must look for a stove, it can be a campfire or a specific area to cook, we choose the character's plate and we choose a cook together with the character as well. Finally, you have to look for the character's bonus and the special dish will be ready.

 This is how we finish our guide on How to prepare all the special dishes, hoping that you can make the most of Genshin Impact, a very busy game.

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