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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-04 14:05:49

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Today we bring a Genshin Impact guide where we plan to tell you how to make a Triple-Layered consommé, let's see.

Why make a Triple-Layered Consomme in Genshin Impact?

  This is part of one of the missions that were added with update 1.3, taking the name of the return of the jade chamber, it is necessary that we find the recipe to cook it, certainly there are many details to discover and that is related to the fact that know how to make a Triple-Layered Consomme and here are the details right now, let's follow it carefully.
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How to make a Triple-Layered Consomme in Genshin Impact?

With a visit to chef Mao at the Wanmin restaurant in the port of Liyue we will be able to find the recipe for this Triple-Layered Consomme, but it is necessary that our level of adventure range is at least 40, if we reach the flirt and do not find the right Recipe must be that we have it in our inventory, then we only have to go to any kitchen station and search in the menu, being necessary ingredients such as ham x2, poultry x2, bamboo shoot x1 and mushroom x1, which will allow to make the consommé.

Once we have all the ingredients, which can also be obtained by purchasing them through Chef Mao, we will be able to apply the recipe to make the Triple-Layered Consomme, considering the other option we have that in the case of ham it is a Processed ingredient, which must have raw meat x2 and salt for its preparation, bamboo shoots and mushrooms are all over nature, birds are obtained by killing an animal, finally we just have to go with these to a cooking station and prepare the consommé, in doing so it is important to know that the strength of the members' shield is increased for 300 seconds at least between 20 percent to 30 percent.

 We can conclude this guide on how to make a Triple-Layered Consomme and in this way have an improvement in our shields in Genshin Impact.

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