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As for how to get golden loach in Genshin Impact this article has you covered, so pay attention.

What is the golden loach in Genshin Impact?

It is a creature recently added to the game as part of Update 1.1 and said to have medicinal qualities. And considering that you can find at least 10 Loach Pearls per day, you will want to know how to get golden loach.

How to get golden loach in Genshin Impact?

The first thing to note is that the Golden Loach doesn't really appear to be golden in color, it looks like some kind of white salamander and axolotl hybrid with red whiskers. They can be found on the rocks or shores of Liyue, on the plains of Bishui, near Stone Gate, and throughout the Dihua Marsh.

Three of Golden Loach's known hotspots are the east coast of the landmass between Liyue's famous Wangshu Inn and the Statue of Seven above it, and the west side of the north coast of an island adjacent to that landmass. .
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This will allow you to find 10 Golden Loaches in these areas, keep in mind that these respawn after one day.

On an island northwest of the Statue of Seven you can also find some Golden Loaches to get more pearls.

Precisely to obtain these pearls you will have to chase a Golden Loach and "harvest" it before it disappears, just like with the butterflies or the Crystal Flies that are near the Statues of the Seven and other special places.

Although you can obtain Loach Pearls, they currently have no use whatsoever, although they will probably enter as Ascension materials, or as local specialties, in future updates.

  We hope that our article on how to obtain golden loach in Genshin Impact, has been of maximum use to you and you can quickly find these creatures as well as the pearls.

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