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Genshin Impact: How to Find Philanemo Mushrooms

2020-10-11 23:49:20

Quick guide to learn How to find Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact

  Philanemo mushrooms are a kind of ascension materials that you can discover in and around Mondstadt. It is also one of the most important materials for Genshin Impact players trying to level up their characters and promote them to the next level. Anyway, in this guide we will tell you how to find these mushrooms in the game, stay tuned to find out!

How to find Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact?

Filanemo mushrooms are a type of species that can only grow in houses in and around Mondstadts. Although there is also another place besides the city, you can also find some mushrooms in Springvale growing in each of the houses.

You can get Philanemo mushrooms at another location and it's from Dawn Winery. It should be noted that these fungi usually take a couple of days to reappear. So, to maximize your efficiency, make sure you go several times a week.

As of now, we've discovered eleven Philanemo mushrooms in Mondstadts, eleven in Springvale, and three Dawn Winery, making a total count of 25.

  Now that you know how to find
Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact you can take advantage of the properties and benefits that it can bring you in the game Good luck!

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September 28, 2020
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