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2023-03-15 19:40:34

The online casino industry is growing, as was expected. It’s nothing surprising as many people are dying to win large payouts for betting some change. Plus, there’s nothing more convenient than online gambling as you can sit on your favorite sofa, cuddle up with your loved ones, and have a cheeky little spin of the reels.

Having said that, it's not only the convenience of online gaming that is making the industry skyrocket. The rise of cryptocurrency, eSports and other tech advancements are all positively impacting the growth of the market. The industry is leaping towards these new trends. So, let’s take a closer look at where the online gaming and gambling industry is headed and which trends are experiencing their 5 minutes of fame.

Regulation and Safety

Regulation of online gambling is necessary to satisfy governing bodies and increase the safety of customers. The use of technology makes bonus hunting and cheating more difficult to pull off, but the risk of fraudulent behavior cannot be entirely eliminated.

However, online casinos do have the advantage of being able to provide more generous payouts and even a casino bonus to new customers due to less operating costs. Despite this advantage, regulation is still essential to ensure fairness and security for all players in the online gambling industry. So, having a license and caring about player safety is a trend we don’t see going away any time soon.

eSports Betting

Esports is a form of organized competitive video gaming, often in the form of multiplayer tournaments or leagues. In these events which attract large audiences, leading players compete against each other for prize money. Esports has gained popularity in recent years and has even been recognized as a legitimate sport by some organizations. Therefore, as you can bet on “real” sporting events, you can also have a shot at guessing the outcome of some of the most popular eSports events.

Som betting opportunities on eSports contests are expanding in tandem with the industry's overall growth. Nowadays, several major online casinos include eSports betting in their offer as the bookies have recognized that many people are looking to try their luck at this new type of betting.


Cryptocurrencies have the potential to work alongside or even replace traditional fiat currencies in online gambling. Why is this the case? The answer seems obvious. Crypto is completely anonymous. Some gamblers have had certain issues with using their credit cards for gambling in which the bank refused to allow them to take out a house loan as they’ve noticed gambling activity on their account. Using crypto gets rid of this problem.

However, in the world of online gambling, KYC duties conflict with the anonymity provided by digital currencies. If you wish to withdraw, the casino will still know your full name and address, but at least the banks won’t know the ins and outs of your spending habits. In this transition period from fiat to crypto, some online gambling platforms accept both crypto and fiat payments.

VR Casino Experience

Playing casino games in VR is a growing trend as many online gambling platforms release games that can be played using a headset for a completely immersive experience. We believe that VR is truly the future of gaming, both online and traditional.

VR has the potential to provide a unique gaming experience and help casinos learn more about player behavior by tracking player movements, behavior, and interactions within the virtual environment. This data can be used by casinos to improve their games and services and to provide more personalized and targeted marketing efforts to individual players.

Highlighting Responsible Gambling

New laws are constantly being passed and implemented to make gaming more secure. Gambling regulations have a long way to go and keep up with the trends. For example, the UKGC, one of the most reputable licensing bodies still doesn’t recognize the use of crypto. In other words, no casino can legally operate in the UK and offer crypto transactions to their players.

Operators who care about their customers should provide a full list of responsible gambling measures. Setting deposit/loss/and other limits to your account is one of the best ways to protect yourself from overspending and chasing losses. As new players learn about responsible gambling, we can see many more new casinos offering a more comprehensive list of these measures to their customers.


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