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Finding a quality game that fits us must be admittedly difficult. If there is, it doesn't necessarily suit us, and that's why a gamer must expand their gaming reference to various genres that may be unusual. One of the sub-genres in the entertainment industry that you can try is sci-fi.

True, taking the theme of outer space, new technology, and various things that smelled of the future became the main idea of ​​sci-fi. In the gaming industry, quite a few sci-fi game models have been around for over a decade. Uniquely, there are many quality sci-fi games that you can try to expand your gaming reference.

Sci-fi-themed games are also quite suitable for those who like action elements and unusual world backgrounds. Lovers of futuristic technology will also be spoiled with some of these sci-fi games. We've collected at least eight of the best sci-fi games you must play! And what’s best is all of them can be played!

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5 Best Sci-Fi Games

1. Half-Life 1 and 2

The next sci-fi game you must play is the first and second Half-Life, which is touted as one of the games that successfully stirred the players' emotions. With an extraordinary storyline and various cool terms, gamers will really like to follow the journey of the main hero, Gordon Freeman.

The first and second Half-Life presented a variety of fantastic things, so many gamers still want this game to release its newest sequel. Even according to some players who have tried it, the first and second Half-Life is cooler than Half-Life: Alyx, a new game.

In addition to the story factor, in the past, what made Half-Life so memorable was the visuals and gameplay, which were quite fun to play even in a more modern gaming era like now.

2. HALO: Combat Evolved

Although the age of this game is almost two decades, Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the best games you must play. This is one of the legendary titles in the very first generation of Xbox consoles. It is said that because of its great quality, this game managed to sell more than five million copies in the first four years of its release.

Halo: Combat Evolved became the cornerstone that gave birth to many of the HALO franchises that were later considered to be one of the best sci-fi first-person shooter games ever. The obvious advantage is that the narration is really able to reflect the bitter storyline.

Even though the story is deep, the coolest thing is that HALO: Combat Evolved can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. Even 19 years later, this game is still delightful.

HALO has an online multiplayer game called HALO Infinite, which you can get through Steam. To reduce lags in playing online games, you can do one thing. If you’re in UEA or in any countries nearby, you need to get IP from Saudi Arabia to have fewer lags and other connection-related problems. Having a closer server will help a lot in maintaining your gameplay experience.

3. Dead Space

This one takes the sci-fi theme but in a different way. Yes, making space a playground, Dead Space combines elements of sci-fi with horror at the same time. Released in 2008, this game immediately became a legend. Uniquely, Dead Space was developed by prioritizing elements of horror that are thick such as typical music, to the point of eliminating the HUD so that the experience can be more immersive.

In addition, Dead Space also presents several puzzle elements that increasingly force you to think while feeling the horrors of outer space. The coolest thing about this game is that if you enter the menu, the game won't pause and continues, which makes the tension constant for you.

The first Dead Space was a great opening for the two following series and became one of the coolest horror franchises ever released on the market.

4. Bioshock

Talking about sci-fi, it's hard not to include Bioshock's name in it. Like Dead Space, Bioshock incorporates horror elements into its sci-fi theme. But the difference is Bioshock is not as terrible as Dead Space. Taking a fictional world called Rapture, you must explore to find out what happened in this terrible ocean.

In addition to including the impression of horror in it, Bioshock also polished it a bit with Cyberpunk elements even though the portion was not so much.

From the side of the story, the Bioshock game is quite cliché at the beginning but is very difficult to predict when it reaches the middle of the game, which is a plus. Even though it is 12 years old, the charm offered by Bioshock is still delightful.

Creepy, beautiful, and full of surprises, that's the impression in the first Bioshock that made it one of the masterpieces in the sci-fi theme in the gaming industry.


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