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Ambar Jimenez
2023-09-12 18:07:21

We love online gaming! Not only is it fun to play, but you can learn and make some good connections with the same. However, just like any other online activity, online gaming, too, makes you prone to scams. Now, what are online gaming scams? These are types of scams that can lead to the stealing of information, malware downloads, or related activities without your knowledge. 

From phishing to credit card fraud, online gaming scams can be of different types. As common as these online gaming scams are, there are several ways through which you can detect and avoid them. Here's a quick brief up on the same:

How to Identify Online Gaming Scams?

Have you ever wondered if iPhones can be hacked when playing online games, or not? The answer is very short, of course they can. No smartphones or PCs are immune from hacking, and you should always stay alert. Here are some signs that indicate you have been affected by some online gaming scams:

Phishing links: If you receive an online link that asks you to click to access an alluring offer, then the chances are high that it's phishing. Always double-check the link that you receive in the mail or any website. If it seems genuine and the sources form an authentic website, only then you should click on it. 

Unrealistic Offers: Many times, you may see websites that provide unrealistic deals and offers for premium subscriptions, weapons, or game lives. If the amount is extremely low than what the official website is offering, it's likely a scam, and you shouldn't fall for it. 

No HTTPS: HTTPS websites indicate that the website is secure and encrypted. That's why if the gaming website lacks HTTPS, there are chances of falling prey to hacking practices. This is especially if they give you unrealistic offers. 

Download Buttons Everywhere: Too many download buttons may indicate hacking, and it's also a bit annoying. You may also encounter phishing links that may result in malware installation or stimulate you to perform specific actions.

Grammar mistakes: An illegitimate website (that may cause hacking) is usually filled with spelling and grammar errors. So, quickly take a look around the website and see if you encounter such mistakes. If you do, it could be a red flag, and you must think before playing games on the website.

How to Prevent Online Gaming Scams? 

Now that you know the common signs, let's take a quick look into some of the efficient ways by which you can prevent and save yourself from these online gaming scams:

  • Security Solution: The most effective way to prevent online gaming scams is by using high-end and feature-rich security softwares/solutions. Make sure to choose the ones that exclusively focus on preventing malware or viruses on your system. If you choose a good solution, they may also give you alerts about possible phishing scams. 
  • Log out Instantly: One of the most common mistakes that are made by gamers/online users nowadays is that they don't log out from their accounts after using a website. That's a very risky practice, and you shouldn't do it no matter what. Once you are done playing a game with an immersive feel of your choice, log out immediately from the website.
  • Always Use Official Website: Whether you are downloading an app version or extensions of the game, do not use any third-party source to install the same. Instead, download/install everything from the official website. 
  • Be aware of scammers in Chat Rooms: Game chat rooms are filled with scammers who can ask you for personal information. If you provide the details, they may misuse them without your knowledge. So, always verify who you are sharing the information with and avoid it if they seem suspicious. 
  • Change Password: You must also change your login credentials for your gaming website and choose a strong password so it doesn't get hacked. It's recommended to do this often so you don't fall prey to cyberbullies. 
  • Read Reviews: Reviews mirror the real-time experiences of gamers who have played games on the website. That's why you are likely to find honest and genuine feedback in the review section. Look for any red flags and see if they are fairly common. It's best to avoid platforms with too many bad reviews.


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