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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-26 13:45:06

Today our guide focuses on telling you about GameStream and How to fix error code 47439999

What can we say about GameStream?

 Before knowing how to repair the error code 47439999 it is necessary to understand exactly what GameStream is, as this is nothing more than a graphics card proprietary protocol, in such a way that this allows us to have the possibility of being able to play with limited graphics cards , specifically Nvidia, who allows us to have the opportunity that 4K gameplay can be faster and smoother, to the point that it is possible to reach 60 FPS.

Knowing how to repair the error code 47439999 is simply a necessary task, since we must solve, in such a way that some users have been reporting some series of failures, the pop-up window being a real headache, because when it appears and we are interested to close it, because the game will simply close as well, so this leads us to leave you an explanatory guide that we hope can help you get out of this GameStream problem.

How to fix error code 47439999 in GameStream?


 For our good fortune, there is more than one solution which makes life a little simpler, because there are some simple activities that we usually do and somehow they may be interfering, so that we focus on taking a look at them and locating the solution. that can be more effective, because knowing How to fix error code 47439999 allows us to have the possibility of enjoying the games in the most comfortable and attractive way as possible.


 Here are our solutions:


 Choose to resend the GameStream ports: Our work leads us to take a look at the configuration page of our router, in such a way that it presents us with the option of the UPnP function to place them in Advanced Mode, as this usually occurs when the GameStream ports are active but blocked by the Router or Antivirus, so it is necessary:


 Open our browser.

  • Proceed to type or or in the address bar to search for it.
  • Then it is necessary to enter our username and administrator password.
  • Next, it is necessary to go to NAT Forwarding or Port Forwarding and choose to append the ports in this specific way, entering one by one:

 47998 UDP

 47999 UDP

 48000 UDP

 48010 UDP

  •  With the codes already entered, it is necessary to choose to restart the computer and the router.
  • To finish it is necessary to execute the cooperative mode in GameStream and that's it.

Clear the cache in Chrome: This is another of the answers to our objective about How to repair the error code 47439999, because we apply it in case the previous solution has not worked or we consider this as a first option, because not everything the world tends to apply the same solutions, so this leads us to:

  •  Exit our Nvidia Experience application.
  • Proceed to press Ctrl Shift Esc as this allows us to open the Task Manager.
  • Next, it is necessary to click on Processes to discard all the tasks that are related in some way individually to Nvidia Experience and Chrome.
  • Then it is necessary to open the Chrome browser and go to the three pintos above that are the Menu and click.
  • Then we must hover over the More tools field in order to expand the list in this drop-down menu.
  • Next we proceed to click on Clear Navigation Data.
  • Then go to the Basic Tab in order to select Time Range according to our preference.
  • Then it will be necessary to click on Browsing history, Cookies and other data, such as files and images by selecting them.
  • Then proceed to click on Clear data and wait for this process to finish to restart our browser.
  • Finally we check that our solution on How to fix error code 47439999 may have worked and thus continue playing.


 Make use of the private VPN service: Fortunately, knowing how to fix the error code 47439999 is an interesting task, so that if the above solutions do not work for you, here is another one that you can perfectly try, because sometimes the public internet can be such an inconvenience that this leads us to:


  •  Choose to open Chrome to go to the official Hamachi VPN download page.
  • Proceed to download the latest version of Hamachi VPN.
  • Proceed to install it using the hamachi.msi file.
  • The screen will give us the necessary indications and this allows us to grant the UAC permission by clicking Yes.
  • When it has been installed, it is necessary to restart our PC to launch the Hamachi VPN program.
  • Then we click on the power button to wait for the connection to be made successfully.
  • Proceed to Create a new network and configure the ID with network password.
  • Choose to click Join an existing network where you need to enter credentials to make use of the privately hosted VPN.
  • We can choose to share our credentials with our friends and thus get everyone to play through GamStream.


 Disable Nvidia service: If any of the solutions mentioned above in relation to this error in GameStream have not worked, it will be important to choose to deactivate the Nvidia service for which it is necessary:


  •  Press Ctrl Shift Esc so that we can open the Task Manager.
  • Then we click on the Services tab and on Description in order to know the services.
  • Next we locate the Nvidia services.
  • We proceed to click the right mouse button on each of them.
  • Then it is necessary to click on Stop and proceed to restart our PC.
  • Finally we run Nvidia GameStream and voila.

 Now that you know how to fix error code 47439999, it is time for you to try some of these solutions and thus get to enjoy GameStream.

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