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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-26 13:37:02

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Our work in Ark Survival Evolved does not stop and this leads us to tell you Where to find Silica Pearls

What is the Silica Pearls in Ark Survival Evolved?

These are a type of object that makes us embark on a search in the ocean. Specifically, they are elements that can only be found in water, in such a way that to know where to find silica pearls it is vital to approach these bodies of water because there are no other distinct biomes where they can be found.

Throughout the map it is possible to see some specific places where it is possible to find these objects, it is only a matter of embarking on a search that allows us to cultivate them, the amount of biomes with which we can get in Ark Survival Evolved is varied enough, however not In all of them we reach our goal, which is to know where to find silica pearls.
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Where to find silica beads in Ark Survival Evolved?

Our goal here is to enter the sea, as it is specifically these bodies of water that usually have abundant resources such as pearls, however, entering the rivers may be an option, but from there, there is no other biome that can be considered favorable.

Here are the locations of the silica beads in Ark Survival Evolved:

  •  Underwater caves: There are some nodes of silica pearls that we can find specifically within these caves.
  • Snow biomass: This is another of the places that we can perfectly visit, in such a way that it is only necessary to choose to find them in shallow areas of the coast.
  • Dead Creatures: There is a chance to take a look at it and harvest Ammonites, Dead Leeches, or Trilobites.
  • Large beaver dams: There is an opportunity to find some beaver dams and on some occasions, they may contain some silica pearls which leads us to have to check.
  • Bottom of the ocean or in rivers: The bodies of water are the most favorable to get these objects, so it is necessary to take a look at those that may be nearby.
  • Phoenix poop: Sometimes this legendary bird usually defecates silica beads instead of normal feces, so that it becomes necessary to be vigilant.

In this sense, knowing where to find silica pearls allows us to move through some interesting areas and thus obtain this valuable resource in Ark Survival Evolved.

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