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2019-08-13 15:48:15

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Through this little guide of Oxygen Not Included, we will teach you how to empty  Outhouse when you have to go tricked, here you will learn how to do it.

 In the game of Oxygen Not Included, the Dupes have to be relieved and usually to alleviate them you have to waste precious resources, but you can not retain a deceived, for this you need a Outhouse and you must know how to empty it.

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 What causes germs in Oxygen Not Included

You should keep in mind in the game Oxygen Not Included that duplicates if access to the bathroom will make a mess where they usually cause stress and spread germs everywhere, nobody likes that, but it is notable that the Outhouse contain contaminated dirt and germs that They poison food, if you don't know how to empty Outhouse and leave it for a long time intact it will result in more disorder in your Dupes. You should know that a single use of the Outhouse produces 200,000 germs, causing serious problems, to avoid this we present the following breakdown:

  • Dirt contaminated: +95,000 germs.
  • Duplicate: +68,000 germs.
  • Outhouse: +36,500 germs.

How to empty Outhouse in Oxygen Not Included

After using the Outhouse 15 times you must order a deceived person to empty it, doing so will absorb 200 kg of dirt. You will only have to click on the Outhouse and click on cleaning, this will make it possible for a deceived to empty it, as long as the priority is very high.

You can also place compost near the building and get enough space for the deceived to deal with its contents. It is good to keep in mind that once the building has been emptied it cannot be used by its deceived.

 We hope as usual that this guide has been very useful to learn how to empty Outhouse and prevent the spread of germs in an extreme way in the game Oxygen Not Included.

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