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There are many tasks to do in the games and for this reason we are going to explain how to throw holiday presents at named in Fortnite.

Why throw holiday presents at named in Fortnite?

  Because this is another of the activities that this event called Winterfest 2022 brings to us, this mission allows us to get 16,000 XP, we must bear in mind that this is a weekly mission that is usually quite complicated to execute, but here we will tell you what you should do to make it a bit easier.

How to throw holiday presents at named in Fortnite?

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The epicenter of this activity is getting gifts, these are usually wrapped in gift boxes and when they are thrown we will see that they usually display a large box with legendary weapons, as well as ammunition and healing, however, not everything is so simple, but not impossible To do, we must find the gifts and to do so it is necessary to have some luck when we are looking for either chests or terrestrial loot.

  There are 9 locations with different names where we can throw a Christmas gift, this makes it necessary to go to the POI that is closest and proceed to equip the holiday gift to throw the holiday gift, this makes it necessary to get several gifts and throw them in different places, This is a task that we must do three times to complete the challenge and thus access 16,000 XP.

  This is all you need to know about how to throw holiday presents at named in Fortnite, so you just have to embark on this challenge and go

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