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As we get into a game we are shown more tasks, let's see, How to decorate traffic lights fast in Fortnite.

Why decorate traffic lights fast in Fortnite?

  Because this is another of the necessary tasks to be carried out within this Winterfest 2022 event that the game offers us, this type of activity allows us to get a good amount of XP quickly and is part of the December reasons.

How to decorate traffic lights fast in Fortnite?

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It is necessary to take into account that there are a total of 6 locations where we can decorate traffic lights and in this way be able to complete the mission quickly, this makes it necessary to take care of going to Faulty Splits, this is a place where we are about 3 traffic lights, at Landing in this place we will get a weapon or two, this is because we will have to defend ourselves, once equipped we will go to the center of the city and look for the blue exclamation point, when we find the traffic light we will interact with it to decorate it.

To the north of the city there is another traffic light and we must interact to decorate it, to the west of the city at the service station we will see a third, this must also be decorated, having the three decorated traffic lights we will be ready to claim the rewards that 16K XP implies , this is a mission that we can do in a single game, with the mission completed we can focus on other activities, this game offers many within the Winterfest 2022 event and it is not possible to leave them aside.

  In this sense, knowing how to decorate traffic lights quickly in Fortnite offers us the opportunity to embark on a search and make decorations to be rewarded.

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