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This blog post will discuss How to hire NPC characters in Fortnite.

What is hiring NPC characters?

Hiring NPC characters in Fortnite is a way to gain an extra advantage in battle. When you hire an NPC, they will follow you throughout the battle and deal damage when they can. Note that they will not finish off opponents, so you will need to rely on your own skills to come out on top. Hiring an NPC is a great way to have an extra body on the battlefield and can give you an edge over your opponents.

How to hire NPC characters in Fortnite?

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Hiring an NPC in Fortnite is simple. On the battlefield, interact with one and a prompt will appear with an option to "Hire NPC". This will cost 100 Gold Bars, so it's not free. Please note that not all NPCs can be hired, and the list of those which can change from season to season.Once hired, the NPC will follow you for the rest of the battle, helping with combat and dealing damage when it can. However, it won't finish off opponents - that's up to you! Bear in mind that NPCs are predictable in their movements, so experienced players can easily anticipate their next move. To get the most out of the battle, it's best to rely on yourself and use the NPC only as an extra body on the battlefield.

Hiring NPCs in Fortnite can give you an extra edge in battle. They are a great way to have an extra body on the battlefield and can help with combat. While you cannot rely solely on the NPC, they can be a great help if used correctly. Just remember that hiring an NPC will cost 100 Gold Bars, and not all NPCs can be hired. Be sure to check which ones are available in each season before you make your purchase. Good luck in battle!

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