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Today we are going to talk to you about where to find Stark robots in the Quinjet patrol landing, an interesting task in this season of Fortnite.

Why find Stark robots in the Quinjet patrol landing in Fortnite?

  These robots are present in season 4 of this game and it is our task to get them to destroy them, they usually land in various places on the map and are easy to identify since they tend to generate a plume of blue smoke that is large enough, so in In reality, it is not a very complicated activity, because it becomes a combat option where we can prepare a little because we just started week 1 and we can already start to see a lot of action.
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Where to find Stark robots in the Quinjeten Fortnite patrol landing?

 These robots can be easy to find thanks to the blue smoke but difficult to fight, but if we are smart and hack them we can get them to be loyal companions, only that our task here today is to destroy them, at least to eliminate a total of 5 and the others if it is possible to hack.

 It is necessary to take a look inside the Quinjet because here it is possible to observe some important implements, on the one hand there is the possibility of being able to shoot down some drones and this implies that they will drop a loot that we can perfectly take, in addition there are also some chests that we can collect . Eliminating can be complex since they are armed with laser rifles, only when we go after them they may drop it and this is where we can use this weapon against themselves.

 In this sense, knowing where to find Stark robots on the Quinjet patrol landing allows us to have the possibility of eliminating some robots with their own weapons or hacking them, it is a simply interesting task that we can do in Fortnite, try it.

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