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Fortnite: Where to Find The Big Chill Grenade Launcher

2020-12-18 06:54:33

Guide to learn where to find the Big Chill grenade launcher in Fortnite

  Fortnite is currently in its Season 5, Chapter 2 and currently in its week 3 and when we meet in December it is not surprising that Epic Games has released a Christmas pack for players in celebration of such a special holiday. Among the new Christmas-themed items is a powerful exotic grenade launcher that will cost you a lot of gold bars. If you are a player interested in getting this weapon, do not worry that in this guide we will tell you where to find the Big Chill grenade launcher without problems, stay to discover the details!

Where to find the Big Chill grenade launcher in Fortnite?

One of the requirements that you must do to get said grenade launcher is that you must find the Snowmando. This is a new character added along with the other NPCs in the season. You can find him in the snowy mountains patrolling near his Snow Cones truck.

If you talk to him, you have the option to buy the Big Chill Grenade Launcher for 1,455 gold bars. It's a steep price to pay, but you may need to use this weapon to secure some kills in the Operation Snowdown event.

Unsurprisingly, this location has become an attraction for many Fortnite players. You are very likely to run into some enemies as you are innocently trying to talk to Snowmando.

Although we consider the price to be a bit exaggerated, players are completely free to buy it or not because of its unique design among other details.

Here we leave you the steps in a summarized way to acquire it:

  • -Visit the snowy mountains south of Catty Corner
  • -Find and talk to the character Snowmando
  • -Select to buy The Big Chill for 1455 gold bars

 Now that you know where to find the Big Chill grenade launcher in Fortnite you can buy (if you have the money clear) a special edition weapon that combines with the holiday. Luck!

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Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
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