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The new season of Fortnite allows us to meet more interesting challenges and this implies knowing how to customize the umbrella

What does chapter 2 of season 3 of Fortnite bring?


  It is evident the changes they have chosen to make in battle royale, this includes the possibility of building and customizing the umbrella, as this allows us to feel that it is a personal battle that we have achieved, since this map brings a considerable amount of water where possible riding sharks, it will also be necessary to level up since the season is just starting and there are many activities to do.
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    How to build the umbrella in Fortnite?

     In order to know how to customize the umbrella, it is necessary to consider in the first instance to manufacture the umbrella, and for this it is only necessary to go to the Battle Pass tab that we can easily see on the lobby screen where a button that will tell us "build" is highly visible. an umbrella ”, we just press it and that's it.

     Now that we have our umbrella done, it is necessary to prepare to customize it, because this is quite simple but for a reason it is starting, the important thing is to focus on leveling up the battle pass, since this more is generating some interesting customization options little by little. Little, at least half of the options can be achieved since the rest will have to wait a bit because they are unveiled little by little, because every week there will be new challenges to be carried out.

     It should be noted that the challenges will come out every Thursday and every week we can have access to a different one, the important thing is to focus on doing them and hope that they can all be pleasant surprises, especially because some very striking cosmetics are visible.

     How to customize the umbrella in Fortnite?

     The first thing that needs to be considered is to level up the battle pass because if this is impossible to achieve, and this is being achieved little by little, because at least this counts for one part, since the other part will depend on certain challenges that they can be gradually incorporated.

     Then we leave you the options corresponding to the levels necessary to unlock the umbrella.


    •  Reach level 15 to get the Hat.
    • Reach level 35 to get the Axis.
    • Reach level 55 to get the Pavilion.
    • Reach level 55 to get the Lower Cap.
    • Reach level 95 to get the Color of the effects of the tracks.


     These are the dates on which we can get the items.


    •  Completing the challenge after June 25 we get the colored hat.
    • With the complete challenge from June 2 we can get the Color Axis.
    • With the complete challenge from July 9th we can get the primary color of the flag.
    • With the complete challenge from July 16 we can get the color of the bottom cap.
    • With the complete challenge from July 23 we can get the secondary color of the flag.

     This is all we can tell you about How to customize the umbrella, since we will only need to raise the level of the battle pass and expect more challenges in Fortnite.

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