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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Beat Sephiroth

2020-04-14 13:40:28

This time we return with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide  aiming to explain how to beat Sephiroth.

 In Final Fantasy 7 Remake we are in the final battle, we talk that Sephiroth is our enemy to overcome, this being a global threat, we will have a lot to do if we want to have victory, for this we will have the help of this guide, that if we seek to know How beating Sephiroth, we have to focus on all the details that will be made available to us from now on.

What should we know when dealing with Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

In this battle we will go through several phases, where we will have to weaken our final enemy, taking into account that it is the most powerful that we will face throughout the game, it is ideal that we take some advice that allows us to have the best strategies In this battle, for this we will see How to beat Sephiroth in each of the phases until reaching the end, continuing with the reading will be necessary to reach the answers, so let's do it.

How to beat Sephiroth in the first phase of Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

We are in the final battle, phase 1, which is really simple, as long as we come to the understanding of the clear system, well here we will only be with Cloud, without being pending to fail, we must have the capabilities to the fullest, of Regen, Haste and Barrier, this will be key before we get here, to avoid death in the event that we fail continuously, at first we have to make the blockade of the Telluric Fury and then we evade the Aeolian Onslaught block when it jumps in the air, with which we now make about 2 or 3 movements with Cloud we are going to make the pressure bar increase.

 Looking for How to beat Sephiroth in the initial phase, we have that Braver will be an attack very capable of causing an interruption in his spell, causing damage too, this when someone like Firaga casts us, the key to doing this is that we have the moment Correct for our reaction, simply by noticing that Sephiroth begins to launch at us, we must at the same time focus on using Braver, keeping in mind that we must be fast since otherwise he will end up launching before we do and we will end up spending unnecessarily our ATB and it will cause us damage, if we are too slow we had better block it, our purpose is to accept Braver a couple of times, this way it will receive enough damage to send us to the next phase of the fight at the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

 How to beat Sephiroth in the second phase of Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

 After passing the previous attacks, we reached the next phase of this final battle, here we will have the support of Aerith, where Sephiroth is in a certain way the same, only that he has new tricks, among which is an attack of great magnitude of AoE which has the name Puerta del Infierno, for us to dodge it it will be necessary for us to get out of the affected area having a reaction quickly, there are also some other attacks that will be at a long distance that we can block, here the neutral purpose is to do the same as we did in the first phase, only this time we will have Aerith to help us, we have to use the Ray of Judgment, which will be a powerful attack from a safe distance, considering that Cloud continues to play a great role due to its ability to absorb the powerful attacks of this enemy, when we reduce Sephiroth to half HP we are going to the next phase.

How to beat Sephiroth in the third phase of Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

 Attacks fused with elements will now be used by Sephiroth in this phase, apart from those spells with greater freedom, where the period to cause damage and interruption will be shortened, we can say that looking for How to beat Sephiroth we are in the most difficult phase of the whole battle, this time we will have Tifa to support us, here our best strategy will be to constantly make the change between characters, load the ATB and execute our special attacks in tactical mode, when we make a change, Sephiroth is forced to change his focus To the character that we are using after a few seconds, at this moment we will take advantage to accumulate the ATB and thus have a greater opportunity in some launches while we are dodging and blocking their constant attacks.

 Our objective has not changed, we have to do the necessary damage to make it stagger, to attack it with greater impact, while we now have Tifa, it is ideal that we keep it alive so that we can perform a combo of raising and lowering completely on our enemy This will increase the damage that we are going to cause with Cloud's Bravers, Aerith's Ray of Judgment, in addition to the Limit Breaks that we have, where we will get the opportunity to make the summons, considering that being so close to the end it would be acceptable for us to save them for that phase in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we are at this point where Sephiroth will be able to occasionally perform Octoslash, with which he will kill any of our characters who do not have the full health, so we have to do what is necessary to avoid it, using potions, bombs and more, finishing with everything to resist, the moment we take the HP  15 percent Then we will move on to the last phase of this combat.

How to beat Sephiroth in the last phase of Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

 We are in the final part of this battle solving How to beat Sephiroth, here we must seek as fast as possible to burn it, since it will start a countdown in reverse from 10 to 0, which possibly will result in our annihilation, so we must cause everything the damage that we can, we will use the Limit Break, summons, with everything we have, being alert, blocking, at this stage it is important that we at least have one of the characters charging his ATB to quickly use Cure, Phoenix Downs and more, this to help us with the attacks that we will not be able to dodge, this time the attack called the Heartless Angel becomes of great impact, in this way it makes all those who are attacked stay in 1 HP, so we have to carry out quickly healing, prior to any other attack that ends up killing them, there is a point in this, it is that Sephiroth to perform that attack again will take much longer than for others , so before we shoot it again, we have to get the nearby character out of the impact zone.

 In this final part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake we have to take into account that there is the possibility that we do not have Aerith and Tifa in the precise order for this part of the battle, since in the second phase we find that Tifa reached phase 2 , with the addition of Barret in the third and Aerith did not end up appearing, no matter how this happens our focus must always be the same, use the healing objects and have the necessary Healing Matter to restore even 2 of our members, managing to finish Sephiroth's HP before the count that starts from 10 without reaching 0, will mean that we will have completed the final battle, we will go to see the final scenes and credits.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Sephiroth we can finish this incredible game like Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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