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2022-09-29 10:10:06

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With our guide, you will learn more about How to do a McGeady Spin in FIFA 23.

What to know about McGeady's twist in FIFA 23?

It is a technique that will help us in dominating our opponents on the field, this movement has the name of a soccer legend, when this turn is combined with the ability to step over and the false shot we can have control of matches, this leads us to drag the ball behind the player's standing leg instead of doing it, on the one hand, before kicking it with the outer area of the boot, we will be free to make the turn quickly to the back of the attackers, and they will be lost, now looking to know how to do a McGeady turn in FIFA 23 let's follow the content presented below.

How to do a McGeady spin in FIFA 23?

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What we will do is have possession of the ball, then we move to the right with the analog stick towards the direction where our player is facing, now we have to move the right stick towards the direction we are going, considering that we can only turn 90 degrees for any of the directions we wish to go.

We can conclude that knowing how to do a McGeady Spin in FIFA 23 is easier than thought, you just have to apply what is indicated, and we will be doing it with ease.

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