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With our guide, you will learn more about How to complete FIFA 23 OTW Ángel Di María SBC.

What to know about the FIFA 23 OTW Ángel Di María SBC?

  With this new installment of FIFA, new changes are presented in the chemistry system, this being affecting the SBCs with different improvements, taking into account that the world launch is presented, we are presented with the need to know How to complete FIFA 23 OTW Ángel Di María SBC and for this we have the details of the following content, let's see.

How to complete FIFA 23 OTW Angel Di Maria SBC?

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It is considered something not so impressive for the beginning of the game, only considering the investments of the future, the OTW cards become important, special elements that we receive if some criteria are met, for this year there is much to update and it is possible For Di Maria to have rating boosts, it's a decent start for Ultimate Team, with very low pace, only his rewards are high level, perfect passing, and big 5-star moves.

 Chemistry requirements have not been included, which makes us have an economical solution, being at the beginning of the game in terms of How to complete FIFA 23 OTW Ángel Di María SBC, it is certain that it is not something stable, we have that it requires at least, 28300 coins to complete it, while the requirements are as follows:


 tactical emulation
  •  A Juventus player
  • Minimum 83 Squad Rating
  • It has a cost of 10100 coins

 the A-series

  •  Minimum one player from Serie A
  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating
  • It has a cost of 18200 coins

The total cost between both requirements is not high, at the beginning of the game this SBC will be presented, while we build our squads we will add coins, it is possible that some updates to this Di Maria SBC will be presented, it is a good option for the lower price of the 30000 coins required to complete it.

 We can conclude that knowing how to complete FIFA 23 OTW Ángel Di María SBC is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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