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Mods are interesting in all games, let's see How to change language in FIFA 23.

What is the point of changing language in FIFA 23?

Having the ability to select the language that we consider to be more favorable for us, only this usually varies according to our region, so knowing how to change language in FIFA 23 offers us the opportunity to make some adjustments in the settings of this game and it is precisely on this subject that we are going to talk to you here.

How to change language in FIFA 23?

This is a fairly simple process to carry out, it is only necessary to select the language in the Configuration option and set it before logging into this game, this makes it necessary to take into account that it is essential to consider that we must know the area where the game was purchased , in addition to considering that this game itself does not usually come with many languages.

It should be noted that knowing how to change language in FIFA 23 usually applies differently for both the current generation and the next generation consoles and this implies:
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Current generation consoles: when logging in for the first time on a PS4 or Xbox One we must take care of selecting the language on the loading page and proceed to scroll through the flags until we get the one we are looking for, this is usually the default language in the play.

Next generation consoles: in this case it is necessary to take care of;


  •  Go from the home screen of the main menu of the game to the Customize tab where we select the Settings option.
  • Then, we must select the Game Settings option and scroll through the game settings until we get the Select Language option.
  • We check the language which is the default value and to change it we will use the A/X buttons on our controller.


 It should be noted that there is the possibility of changing the language of the comments and for this we must:


  •  Return to the FIFA 23 main menu and select the Customize tab and select the Settings option to open the game settings.
  • Then we'll go to the audio tab just by pressing R2/RT to see the audio options and we'll press R1/RB once in the audio section 11 next to it.
  • We proceed to select the language to use and to finish we press X / A to download it.


 We can conclude this guide on How to change language in FIFA 23, so it will only be enough to follow the instructions given here and that's it.

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