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Pay attention so you can learn how to aim shot in FIFA 23, because here we have it covered for you.

What does targeting consist of in FIFA 23?

Aim is the direction you want to direct your shots or passes, so one very important thing to learn is how to aim shot in FIFA 23.

How to aim shot in FIFA 23?

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The most basic technique for aiming a shot is to hold or press the shot button with the left stick. This way you can give yourself the direction in which you are positioning it and shoot the ball.

Below, you can find the different types of aim shots and how to perform them.

To take a aimed shot, you need to slow down before you shoot, so you can get an accurate reading before you shoot the ball. So avoid running and shooting to mess up time.

Also, taking a fake pass or shot before you shoot can help confuse your opponent by giving them a clear view of the goal.
  • Aimed Shot: Hold / B Aim Left Stick
  • Low Show Aimed: Tap / B Aim Left Stick
  • Aim Timed Shot: Press / B (x2) Aim with Left Stick
  • Aimed Power Shot: Hold R1/ RB L1/ LB, press / B aim with left stick
  • Aimed Chip Fire – Press or hold L1/LB/B, aim with left stick
  • Aimed Fine Shot – Press or hold R1/RB/B, aim with left stick
 This is all you need to know about how to aim shot in FIFA 23, so we hope we have been helpful in understanding the aiming process.

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