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Angel Marquez
2022-02-08 14:17:14

More about: FIFA 22

With our FIFA 22 guide you will learn more about how to fix career mode not working.

What to know about career mode not working in FIFA 22?

It is something that happens for multiple reasons, among which it can highlight a failure to save the game, an error with the trainer, cache data, corrupted files and more, even the game files can be the cause, that a device software is outdated, well many conflicts may lead to career mode not working, now there are some possible solutions to consider as to How to fix career mode not working and they are introduced in the following content with details, we are going to see him.

How to fix career mode not working in FIFA 22?

There are several options that we can apply regarding How to fix career mode not working in FIFA 22 and these are as follows:
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Manually save the progress: when we use the automatic save there can be problems with our progress, so as for How to fix the career mode does not work in FIFA 22 we must do it manually, we must look in the configuration menu so that then said error is not present, which will lead us to restart the career mode from the beginning, with the square on PlayStation, the X on the Xbox controller or in the corresponding option to save on the PC we can do it manually.

The coach is disappointed
: this error in FIFA 22 has to do with our performance, which is not considered acceptable, thus affecting the career mode in a basic way, both the player and the coach, even if we do everything correctly in performance, the problem is presented error, what we will do in terms of How to fix career mode is not working is to simulate the entire preseason once the match starts, otherwise there is nothing else that can be done to solve this error that affects career mode, just look for the approval of the trainer's rating while we are uploading it.

Delete the cache on consoles: to avoid problems and as for How to fix career mode not working in FIFA 22 deleting the cache is the recommended option for it according to the console the following:


  • On Xbox: Press the Xbox button on the controller
  • We go to the menu of my games and applications, we select everything
  • We choose the game tab and go to the section on the right
  • We choose FIFA 22 among the installed games, the next thing is to enter the options where it is manage game and complements, here we go to downloads and choose the saved data
  • We press the X in the saved data menu and delete everything, confirm and wait for the process to complete

On PlayStation:

  • We start with How to fix career mode not working by closing the console programs and holding the power button until a couple of beeps are heard
  • The power light will stop flashing at this moment we remove the power to the console
  • We wait at least 20 minutes for all the power to go out, then we connect everything back to power and turn on the console
  • We started the game to see if the problem with career mode is still there.


 Reinstallation of the game: at this point if we have not reached anything in terms of How to fix the career mode does not work in FIFA 22, all we have to do is uninstall the game and reinstall it on the console, for this, according to the console, we must do the following:

On PS4/PS5:

  • We go into the settings and choose storage, here we look for the game to delete it
  • Then we are going to download it again from the store.

On Xbox:

  • We press the guide menu button on the remote to enter my games and applications
  • We go into see everything and choose games, we have to press ready to install and we choose the queue
  • We choose the game and in the menu of our command we enter to allocate games and accessories
  • We choose the game and press uninstall all
  • We confirm and wait for the process to be completed, we restart for the changes to apply
  • After pressing the guide button again we look for my games and applications, we enter see everything and go to games
  • We choose ready to install and mark the FIFA, we wait for it to be completed to restart the console

On PC:

  • We enter the Origin client, in the game library we look for FIFA and with the right click on it we are going to uninstall it
  • Then we restart the PC and refresh the system, after again we enter the library in the Origin client
  • We log in with the same account and install the game again
  • When completed we open to play the career mode normally

 In this way we finish our FIFA 22 guide, now you know how to fix career mode not working, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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