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We continue to conduct searches of interest in Far Cry 6, let's see How to find the Surf 'n Turf assault rifle.

What is the Surf'n Turfen Far Cry 6 assault rifle?

This is a fantastic weapon that we are allowed to find and give it the necessary use, it is much more favorable considering that we are immersed in a shooting game and each firearm that we get is usually useful, so knowing how to find the rifle. Surf 'n Turf assault takes us on a search for an artifact that we can use both at close and medium range.

How to find Surf 'n Turf assault rifle in Far Cry 6?

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    This search makes us move to the northwest of Aguas Lindas where the Ortega crocodile farm is usually located, when we arrive at the place we will see a red hut next to the statue of a crocodile where we manage to interact with a red box, then it appears It is necessary to interact in the crocodile farm, we must explore the area a little, we must also have an equipped arch to eliminate them one by one before going down, it is vital not to spoil the meat, this because they are usually dangerous enough.

    When getting off it allows us to take the meat to claim the respective reward at the base, it is necessary to take charge of going down to the pit and going to the left to get the wooden building with a red roof, once there it is vital to enter the room on the left side, where we get the crocodile that killed Luis.

    Knowing how to find the Surf 'n Turf assault rifle leads us to take charge of executing this crocodile and for this we must use a pistol, once this has been given we are allowed to take charge of collecting the key to Luis's house, this It is usually found in the corpse and therefore leave, we will see the house from a raised platform of the pit, in this case it is necessary to use the rope to grab the windmill that is next to the house and climb the rope to let us fall on the raised platform, here we use the key to enter the house and get the weapon in Far Cry 6, this is usually found in a box, also this search gives us:


    •  Gunpowder bonuses.
    • The M133 shotgun.


    This is all we know about How to Find the Surf 'n Turf Assault Rifle, so this quest allows us to get a favorable weapon to continue progressing in Far Cry 6.

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