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Now that Fall Guys is available for free there is a lot to learn, and today we will teach you how to emote.

What are emotes in Fall Guys?

It's nothing new, it's basically the gestures you can do in response to certain moments.

How to emote in Fall Guys?

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    To emote, you will simply have to press the correct input, depending on your platform. On PlayStation and Xbox you will have to press the crosshead, on PC 1, 2, 3, 4, on Nintendo Switch the crosshead.

    The best way to get emotes is by paying their price in Show Bucks or Kudos, though you can also earn them simply by playing the game, through the Season Pass, or through Crown Ranks.

    To equip them, you will have to go to the customization tab and access the Theater tab along with the celebrations. Here you can equip up to four emotes and celebrations. The gestures are reduced in the game and the celebrations when you win a game.

      This is everything you need to know about how to emote in Fall Guys and now that we are done, you are more than ready to get This emotes and use them easily.

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