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As a child, you were probably told (more than once) that computer games are a waste of time. Could anyone have imagined then that video games would eventually become an official sport and bring money not only to those who create them, but also to those who play them? Today, thousands of people make a living and build a career playing computer games. How to become an e-sport athlete and what is needed for this, experts of the e-sports media holding tell. You can get more detailed information on this topic on the ggbet resource.

What is eSports?

Esports are fan-followed video game competitions. The eSports audience is growing steadily and will reach 577 million people in 2024, according to Newzoo. 1.3 million viewers alone! Almost 500,000 of them are devoted fans who follow every game of their favorite teams. PC games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) are most popular among Ukrainian fans, although many also play on consoles and mobile devices.

In September 2020, eSports was recognized as an official sport, which, of course, affects the development of the industry and players. It is no longer just a niche hobby, but sports competitions on a par with football or tennis. From now on, everyone can become an e-sportsman and represent his country at international competitions. The recognition of eSports also contributes to the increase of tournaments to be held.

Who is a Professional E-Athlete

Professional eSports players are usually referred to as players who earn money from video game tournaments. Anyone can simply start competing - for this, it is enough to download the game client and launch the appropriate mode. And in order to become an e-athlete, you need to compete in official tournaments that are broadcast to a wide audience.

Players can acquire the status of professionals by joining a well-known e-sports team (organization). A contract with such an organization gives the athlete:

  • regular monetary compensation (salary);
  • provision of conditions for training at home and away (in eSports, away training with the team is called bootcamps);
  • accompaniment and support during away competitions;
  • services of psychologists, trainers and other specialists.

For his part, the e-athlete undertakes to appear in the team's uniform and participate in its media activities.

Age is not as significant a factor in eSports as it is in most other sports. For example, some participants in this year's Dota 2 competition - The International 10 with a prize pool of $40 million - are more than 30 years old. It is likely that there will soon be eSports players whose professional careers will last most of their adult lives. After a career in eSports, a player can stay to work in gaming — for example, become a streamer or a professional analyst.

What is the Difference Between an E-Athlete and a Regular Player

Unlike regular players, professional e-athletes constantly improve their skills at the individual level, improve their interaction with the team, work with a coach, etc. Cyber-athletes of the highest level regularly train at least 40 hours a week. Before important competitions, the intensity of training can increase and reach 60 hours a week or more.

In addition, a professional cyber sportsman regularly performs physical exercises and watches his diet. This is necessary to be able to perform for many hours several days in a row and remain in optimal shape.

How to Become an eSportsman: Step-by-step Recommendations

Becoming an eSportsman is not easy - it requires a lot of discipline, desire to win and love for the game. The path to eSports differs depending on the game: for example, in a team discipline it is important to find someone to compete with, while in individual games it is enough to have good training partners.

How Much do E-Sportsmen Earn?

The level of earnings of e-sportsmen depends on many factors, such as the number of tournaments, the level of prize money, the interest of organizations in the discipline, the popularity of the player himself.

The main, but not the only, sources of income for professional players are salaries and prizes won. For example, this year's WePlay AniMajor eSports tournament had a prize pool of $500,000, with $200,000 going to the first place team.

Even if this prize is divided among all team members, the amount is quite significant. And if you remember that they earned this reward in just a few days, then it seems unreal. However, the teams have been preparing for these few days for more than a year.
There is no formal established path to professional eSports yet. Therefore, when deciding whether to go into eSports, you should ask yourself: "Would I do it if it didn't promise fame and big incomes?". Because e-sportsman is not only a profession, but also a way of life.

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