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We are back by Escape from Tarkov and it is with the aim of indication How to kill Sanitar, let's see.

Who is Sanitar at Escape From Tarkov?

This is nothing more than a boss that has been included in the latest patch of the game, saber How to kill Sanitar is really complicated and this is specifically due to the common account considerable amount of securities, because this is because it is a Scavenger Which makes it a difficult but equally interesting upgrade, because it allows us to learn to deal with somewhat more formidable foes, being somewhat positive in Escape from Tarkov.

Where is Sanitar located at Escape From Tarkov?

It is possible to get Sanitar in the restrooms at Escape From Tarkov, as he is a boss who likes to wander the corridors, only here is the process of fighting is somewhat more complex, because as you will see there is not much space and this could lend itself to an ambush, so we will choose to watch the corners and proceed to enter as carefully as possible.

How to kill a toilet is knowing the location, because it is usually surrounded by securities and they are usually wandering relatively close to where the secure entrances are, or simply near the fences where they will take advantage to spawn, this is really more comfortable because it is in a wide field which could facilitate our task a lot, because eliminating it is our goal and what better than an open and wide space, since in this sense, knowing how to kill Sanitar could allow us to use long-range weapons.

What is the Sanitar team at Escape From Tarkov?

Knowing how to kill Sanitar requires special equipment and this is because he is a boss who is usually with minions, and all the time they are well equipped with class 5 armor as well as face shields, but that is not all because it has grenades, some AK rifles, Saiga Caliber 1, in short they have a powerful enough arsenal that simply makes us understand that facing them indoors is simply not the option in Escape From Tarkov, for its part, Sanitar himself has some items of which we should be very aware, as these are nothing more and nothing less than a card and a blue key, having it with us allows us access to its hiding place in Labs, as you will see knowing a more interesting task than we expected.

Sanitaring is simply an enemy that has some considerable improvements in its weapons, since it has an OP-SKS, VSS or a Kerd-B as its main weapon, but it is not everything because it usually has medical supplies, which implies a button of Grizzly first aid and a morphine injector, he would simply use this to heal himself and the followers.
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    How to kill Sanitar in Escape From Tarkov?

    To achieve our goal of saber How to kill Sanitar is necessary to understand that we must consider a good combat strategy, so we can choose to shoot head shots and throw some specific grenades, fragmentation grenades are an excellent tool, also this is a extremely complex fight because Sanitar is not alone, he always has minions, these attack and heal, this makes it difficult because he does not only heal if he does not have a very high amount of health, our job is to hit as hard as possible and in a way Soon, as continuous headshots can be very useful, especially since we will have to make sure that it does not escape to heal itself as it will put the battle uphill at Escape From Tarkov.

    Our job is to get this boss to push us towards a place that is wide enough where we have more opportunities to fight, closed spaces are definitely not favorable, it is also necessary to prevent them from separating to heal, so we will focus on hitting their heads to eliminate them, these will put us in a good term, leaving the boss more exposed, because even when they try to find where to hide it will be more difficult.

    How to kill Sanitar does not only depend on it, but if they have a high incidence, but this ends up being a piece of cake because we choose to use fragmented grenades whatever it is in a stealthy way and then we look for a way out, although these fight to sneak away to heal not They do it well and by being vulnerable offers us the possibility of eliminating them.

    Fighting Sanitar and kidnappings continuously allows us to place their health quite low, in this sense it seeks to somehow find a closed place to heal itself, but this simply puts us at an advantage since this simply allows us to throw a grenade at them being gathered , because obviously it is not possible to leave them a minimum of space because normally being scavengers both the boss and the minions are simply a problem and we should consider getting out of them as soon as they can be in Tarkov's Escape.

    Knowing how to kill Sanitar simply involves eliminating all the lost scavengers, opting for what is not left, not even one, since if there were any left they could ambush us and our fight to eliminate the boss will be absolutely useless, so our best option is to get The way to end them all without leaving a single loose end.

    In this sense, knowing how to kill Sanitar involves working hard because you are surrounded by securities but at the same time being strong in Escape From Tarkov.

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