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2024-05-08 12:03:01

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We welcome you to our guide, in which we will have covered How to Start a Shared Dive in Endless Ocean Luminous with details.

What to know about the shared immersion in Endless Ocean Luminous?

Multiplayer in Endless Ocean Luminous is one of the best ways to improve our game, find new creatures to scan, and enjoy diving with others in search of rare items and fish. However, participating in cooperative diving is not a clear process and many of us may not understand what it entails. If we want to start diving with other people, we have this guide to help us throughout the entire process and we will tell you How to Start a Shared Dive in Endless Ocean Luminous, let's just pay attention to the following content.

How to Start a Shared Dive in Endless Ocean Luminous?

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To start our own co-op dive, where we can work with others to scan creatures and find scavenged items, we open the game and access co-op dives. From here, we select "Start Co-op Dive" and we will open a new co-op dive that others can join. Each cooperative dive will last one hour and up to 10 other players can participate in random dives. We can also invite up to 30 friends. When we start our own co-op dive, we can complete a variety of missions to earn experience and money. Include:

  • Look for new creatures in the area.
  • Explore the area (you will do this with other diving participants who will help you explore the area and discover new places)
  • Collect salvaged items
  • Explore UML (Unique Marine Life) with others by visiting places marked with orange circles on the map. When we reach an area, a flashing orange circle will appear on the screen to let us know how close we are to this unique marine life. In public diving mode, we can also attach tags to rescued fish and items to notify other divers of their location. This can be a huge help in helping others advance in the game. During these shared dives, we can also access the map and jump towards one of the other players to reach their location. This will make it easier for you to work together in the search for unique marine life while we both search for strange biometric marks.

How to join a group dive on the Luminous Endless Ocean

Instead of diving together, we can also participate in diving with other people. We can go to the "Co-Dive" menu and at the bottom you will see "Join Co-Dive". To do this, we will need a generic dive ID. We can get this from our friends if we want to join their diving trip. This is a great way to play with friends as we can share our common dive ID so we can play together and progress the story. When we join someone else's co-immersion, we will face the same challenges we mentioned above when creating our own co-immersion. Together we explore UML, the area and look for new creatures.

In conclusion, it should be noted that knowing How to Start a Shared Dive in Endless Ocean Luminous is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in such a fast-paced game as a group.

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