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Drug Dealer Simulator: How to Carry 700 Grams

2020-04-22 10:13:10

In this return we bring you a Drug Dealer Simulator guide where we aim to support you on how to carry 700 grams with precise details.

What is Drug Dealer Simulator about?

  We find a game that presents its greatest focus on drug trafficking, something that can be controversial for many, but it is a great novelty that can be experienced, we will have many things to do and one of them leads us to want understand how to carry 700 grams, for this we have the content of this guide, let's see what it tells us about it.

How to carry 700 grams in Drug Dealer Simulator?

Pick up and pack

  •   To a hidden place it is necessary that we move bricks of 100g, being the maximum of 3 that we can carry at a time
  • It is necessary that we have a craft table and a 40 gram pot, in addition we also require a canvas bag
  • We are going to put a brick of 100g in the 40 gram pot, we have a bag of 60 also on the table, but we are going to look for the 40g in 2 piles of 20.
  • Finally we have to put them in the canvas bag.

  Finally, now that we know how to carry 700 grams, it is possible to go ahead with Drug Dealer Simulator.

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