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Dreams: How to Remix Creations - Tips and tricks

2020-02-18 10:40:38

The creative world has never been more interesting than Dreams so today we want to give you details about how to remix creations.

Why remix in Dreams?

In a game where the creations are an important part of it the idea of remixing is totally exceptional, even though the same game doesn't fully clarify the concept of mixing here but it can still be achieved in such a way that they can be reused again in different creations, this is largely due to the collaboration we get from other players, as they probably bring other ideas and tools with which we can work.

How to remix creations in Dreams?

It is important to have very clear that the creations in this game always come in categories being precisely the elements the smallest category, because inside it we can get some objects like a chair or a lamp, a single element that is feasible for our creations. The scenes are a little bigger space because here we must place several elements especially when we are at level 1 is more like a short film or a still life artwork.

To be able to remix it is necessary to use the remix button that is located next to the play button and press up, because this takes us directly to the editor where we are presented with the possibility of making some changes in addition to exploring some internal features, the detail of this issue is that sometimes this button may not get remixed here and it requires some more knowledge about the creation in Dreams.

The scenes of creation in the map have a specific order, and we are presented as a chain that is full of levels, some can be longer than others, getting to have some similarity to a short film, besides noticing some groups of elements where we can visualize some collections, scenes that are denoted by dotted circles or cured dreams, in one way or another simply and can be organized by another player, of course this happens if we make it public for all.

This is all we know about how to remix creations in Dreams, it's possible that there are some things that we still don't know about but little by little we will leave explanatory guides.

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