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We are back with a Drake Hollow guide for the purpose of helping you understand how to open chests.

Why open chests in Drake Hollow?

  In this game we come to find many things, among them we have a series of mechanics that allow us to reach the resources, sometimes it is not enough that we find the resources, access being an obstacle, which leads to want to know How to open chests, something that turns out to be confusing but has a solution, here in this guide we will have the details that will help us, let's see it below.
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How to open chests in Drake Hollow?

  There are many things that we will learn as we progress in this game, but to open the chests we only have to use brute force, with any of our combat weapons we approach the chest and press the corresponding button to attack and in this way they leave To open, it is very simple after all, many containers we can open in this way, so that knowing it we can already access the different resources that we will find on our way.

  We conclude that the answers regarding How to open chests is simpler than expected, now we can continue to enjoy the many possibilities that Drake Hollow offers us.

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The Molasses Flood
The Molasses Flood
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