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The action in Dome Keeper does not stop, which will lead us to tell you how to go infinite in Dome Keeper.

What to know about Dome Keeper?

  Through the Prestige mode we have the option of extracting the resources to get points, with this we access the achievement of my name will be known, considering that we will pass some executions before, we have to master the basic mechanics of the game and reaching the middle of the mode is It is necessary to know How to go infinite in Dome Keeper and for this let's closely follow the next content.


How to go infinite in Dome Keeper?

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    You have to have the necessary equipment to achieve it, we have to choose the laser dome for the double laser upgrade, while we must reject the reflection and wither the projectiles, it is necessary to do it until reaching the middle of the game, for the mining objective infinite and dome maintenance requires a Stun Laser module with upgrades without damage, teleporter module with all upgrades and 30 iron, 2 cobalt to escape, with this we start a normal wave, having to leave alive without do anything to a flying monster, causing a stun block with the laser that will kill the other monsters, achieving with this mine with the teleporter to be able to move the resources to our base, then the flying monster will die because the laser will continue to cause damage , only we will have done a lot with mining.

     For each side of the screen for every 30 seconds a couple of monsters are generated, with the teleporter we have to return to the dome to warn the enemies and return, with the help of the monster icon that beeps we can detect when they appear other monsters, at that point it will be worth updating the double laser, because as soon as they appear we will kill them, each wave lasts minutes, allowing us to explore the map to get resources, it is important to update our weapons and defense devices that help us face the waves to that we receive a lot of damage, by mining everything we can face the monsters, it is necessary to have cobalt on hand for repairs, considering that the dome is close to breaking, we must save resources to escape.

     In this way we finish our guide, now you know how to go infinite in Dome Keeper, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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