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The searches do not stop in the games and for this reason we will indicate Where to find the Gooch mask in GTA Online.

What is Gooch's mask in GTA Online?

  This is an outfit that we have in this game and it is part of the novelties that this game brings, this is part of the arrival of the most recent update and that allows us to have more things, such is the case of the WM pistol 29 or The Gooch mask that usually refers to the Grinch and that is usually related to the Christmas season.

Where to find Gooch's skin in GTA Online?

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To find this mask we must take care of killing The Gooch, an NPC that usually appears after about 45 minutes, this means that we must wait this time to attack him and eliminate the NPC, once he has been defeated we can loot the mask, in addition to the sum of $25,000, this NPC usually steals cash, so he has this amount in his pocket, he also steals snacks, this NPC no longer appears if we are in a mission or inside a building, this means that it will not generate more money in our wallet or in the bank, this makes it located in open places.

It is ideal to be near a car when The Gooch attacks, this is because we will be able to be under it for a few seconds while the NPC is running, the car allows us to catch up quickly and proceed to run him over before picking up the mask.

  Now that you know where to find Gooch's skin in GTA Online, take care of running this quest and continue enjoying everything this game has to offer.

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