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Today we bring you a Disgaea RPG guide where we are going to explain how to Reroll.

What is Reroll in Disgaea RPG?

  This is simply an interesting option that we are allowed to execute in this game, since it is feasible to do it with the character that we like the most, we generally usually have one with whom we entertain ourselves the most or with whom we execute the tasks the most in games, of So knowing how Reroll leads us to consider this change and thus choose to take full advantage of the game.

How to Reroll in Disgaea RPG?

To execute it, it is necessary to consider:


  •  Choose the favorite character with which we want to do it.
  • Find multiple units.
  • Get the number of rolls needed, as this implies around 10.
  • This option allows us to exchange the initial character.


 Now to make Reroll it is viable:


 Make use of the Disgaea RPG Rerrol function for Android and this leads us to:


  •  Close the application and go to our files.
  • Then locate the OBB folder in order to search for ""
  • Then we look at the game download file ""
  • You need to move the file to another folder.
  • Then we must go to "Settings" to access the application toolbar.
  • We proceed to click on Disgaea RPG and choose to select “Clear data”.
  • We return once more to “” to “com.boltrend.diagaea.en” in the OBB folder.
  • We proceed to restart the application avoiding starting the Google Play account and accessing as a guest.
  • A new game will start and it will only be enough to repeat this process for the character that we consider necessary.


 Other method:


  •  Restart the game, avoiding logging in.
  • You need to go to the game menu and choose to click on the "User Center".
  • Then we are going to "Change account" in order to click on "Sign in through another account".
  • It may be limited in the number of attempts but it is feasible.


 In the case of iOS:


  •  You need to restart the game, avoid logging in.
  • Go to the game menu in order to click on "User Center".
  • Choose "Change account".
  • Click on "Sign in through another account" and you're done.


This is all you need to know about How to Reroll, this way you can enjoy this option in Disgaea RPG.

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