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The action in Diablo Immortal does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to join cycle of strife.

What to know about the fight cycle in Diablo Immortal?

  It is an end game PvP system, considering that it is among the multiplayer elements we can compete in PvP modes, join clans and have partners for adventures, looking to bring down the opponent it is appropriate to know how to join the cycle of fight and for that let's closely follow the following details.

How to join cycle of strife in Diablo Immortal?

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Through the PvP system we will have a confrontation between immortals against the shadows, the meeting of the immortals was possible because Daedessa the Buildes gave the crown to Kion, a faction that protects the sanctuary, while apart he entrusted Akeba to form the shadows, another organization that seeks to be aware of the aptitude of the immortals, in Diablo Immortal the immortals will be defeated by the shadows, the latter will be the new immortals, the duration of the fight cycle is from 1 to 3 months ending with the current immortals following in power the superior shadows by overthrowing them becoming immortal, it is important to note that related to the cycle of struggle we have the right of exile and challenge of the immortal, which are final events, all represent what is focused to prepare both factions for confrontation.

 As for How to join cycle of strife in Diablo, it is necessary that we are members of a dark clan, for the union, we have to go through a lottery to speak with the patron in the Westmarch pub at 12 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm to the record, when we win we are sent a black camera to be able to fight with 3 champions, when we beat them we will become shadows, this lottery helps to populate the clan, by playing the lottery again you can win the seal of Akeba, the which is usable to welcome those who join the dark clan without entering the lottery, during the first cycle of struggle there is no one worthy of taking the eternal crown of the immortal because no one has been judged, the result of this It goes with the PvE experience, with character representing The Immortal, Lieutenants, elites and members.

 In this way, we finish our Diablo Immortal guide, now you know how to join cycle of strife, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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