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2024-05-31 11:15:40

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We invite you to discover How To Get Stygian Stone in Diablo 4, a new task.

Although Diablo 4 Season 4 or Loot Reborn make the game easier from the beginning to the middle of the game, when you reach the final stage you will have to face many challenges. More tormenting bosses have been added this time, some of them taller, with an impressive level of 200. If you want to fight them, you will need some Styx Stone coins to experiment with. You need dozens of them. So begin to bring them my help; Here is how to get the Stone of Styx, let's see the following content.

How To Get Stygian Stone in Diablo 4?

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For comparison, there are two known places where you can get the Stone of Styx. Even the Stygian Stone tooltip in your inventory's consumables UI will tell you exactly where. These two places are nothing more than:

  • Pit (reward chest upon completion)
  • world boss level 4

However, it's not as simple as doing these things and waiting for Stygian stones to rain down on you. The speed of fall can be brutal. In my experience, I started farming level 4 world bosses and Yama (up to level 40) continuously at level 70. Now that I'm at level 100, guess how many stygian stones I got for doing these two activities over and over again? One. Only one. He fell off the World Boss just when he was losing hope. So how and where to get Stygian stones depends largely on luck. I believe that clearing the upper levels of the Abyss will improve my chances. I recommend grinding Pits only if you need Stygian Stones, as world bosses are not a constant source since they are timed.

Another faster way to get Stygian Stones.

Fortunately, there is a third way to get Stygian Stones that doesn't depend on luck or RNG: trading. All you need is hundreds of millions of gold or hundreds of millions of gold in the form of unique accessories and basic knowledge. Players can trade Stygian Stones with each other or for a fixed price. The price may change over time, but currently the Stone of Styx costs around 10 million gold pieces, a fairly reasonable amount. You can earn this gold by opening 3 or 4 Whispering Tree Vaults. You'll need around two Stygian Stones to attempt the Suffering Boss, so it costs 20 million gold to complete the Suffering Boss whether you succeed or not.

You can also order Stygian Stones and at the time of writing, it seems that the number of orders to purchase them is around 6 to 9 million gold pieces. I think it will be easier for people to sell them if they are willing to pay more gold. Good luck and give them hell.

This is all that is required to get stygian stone, just do it and continue with your fun and progress in this incredible game like Diablo 4.

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