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We welcome you to our Destiny 2 guide in which we will talk about where to find Leviathan chests.

What to know about Leviathan chests in Destiny 2?

It is a challenge that requires locating 100 chests, with this you access standard rewards that are located randomly in the Castellum space, these chests will not be in easy places, they will be hidden in shadowy corners, with Egregore mushrooms or in secluded sites, looking for support as to where to find Leviathan chests let's see what the following details bring us.

Where to find Leviathan chests in Destiny 2?

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    It is required that we have before searching for these chests in Destiny 2 some modifications for our ghosts, I am these Loot Seeker that allows us to detect chests within a radius of 10 meters, Prize Pursuant extends the range to 30 meters, Cache Finder by 40 meters, Treasure Hunter covers 50 meters and the expert tracker reaches 75 meters, it should be noted that when season 19 comes to an end this last mod will be lost, in case we do not have the modifications through the Engram loot we can obtain them, with only one can be enough to equip it and go to Castellum.

    The next thing having the modification is to go to the leviathan equipping a weapon that has a viewfinder or a high Zoom so that when aiming you can have an extended range as to where to find the Leviathan chests to be able to detect them, even though we have low ranges we can reach 20 or more meters with the use of a sniper rifle, even noticing the nodes when they are close, the best option is that we go to Royal Pools or Pleasure Gardens, we talk about smaller areas that will facilitate the search for chests and with quickly, considering that the generation of said chests is lower in these places, it is opportune to know where we are to take advantage of it.

     We hope that the detailed information here on where to find Leviathan chests has been very useful for your progress and fun in Destiny 2.

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