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Destiny 2 brings us more searches, and for this reason we indicate where to find Excavation Site XII.

What is Excavation Site XII in Destiny 2?

  This is a lost sector in this game, and it is usually protected by a fluffy lawyer, so it is necessary to know where to find Excavation Site XII, this taking into account that when getting the place there is the possibility that we will stumble upon a series of problems, precisely it is usually caused by whoever is taking care of the place.

Where to find Excavation Site XII in Destiny 2?

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    This place is usually located in the Firebase Hades del Gulch area in the EDZ, the Earth, we must land here and by doing so we will move west along the long path until we reach the opening of the Gulch, then we must take care of following the wall to our left and go down when the ledge ends, we will have to take care of hugging the pair until we find some trees and see the symbol of the white lost sector that is usually painted on a rock at the bottom of the trees.

     Next, it is necessary to look to the right of the white symbol in Destiny 2 and we will detect a cave that we can go to, this is the opening of Excavation Sector XII, we will only have to complete it to get the loot, so that we know where Finding the XII excavation site, implies taking care of reaching the lost sector and going down a level, we will follow the path that will take us to an area that has legionnaires and phalanx, in this case we will have to take care of defeating them to proceed to get out of the following two paths out of the room.

    Our next task is to go to the bridge and reach the Thrag laughing out of the dust, that is, the boss of the XII excavation, he is usually equipped with a large gun, in addition to rockets, in this sense, it is important to take cover To avoid receiving damage, here we will also see that some accessories can drop that we can perfectly well remove them when they appear and they are:


    •  pSion.
    • Phalanx.
    • Legionnaires.


     It is good to know that we must be patient, avoid greed when landing on the dust spur, we only land, we manage to execute some hits or hide behind the pipe plus avoid receiving a lot of damage, once we have managed to defeat the boss we get the chest of the Lost Sector on the upper level, specifically on the other side of the bridge.

     We end this guide on where to find Excavation Site XII, it will only be enough to launch a search through Destiny 2.

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