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Angel Marquez
2021-01-06 15:16:20

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This time we return with a Destiny 2 guide, aiming to explain where to find all penguin souvenirs

What to know about penguin memories in Destiny 2?

In order to obtain the title of Splintered in Destiny 2 it is required that we find 9 memories of penguins which we have to take back to their home then when we find each of them we will go to a room that is located to the right of the hideout of Variks in Charon's Crossing in Europe, so taking this into account we will see that the following text will guide us as to where to find all penguin memories, so we must pay attention.

Where to find all penguin souvenirs in Destiny 2?

  • In Cadmus Ridge: here we will be able to find the first one in Destiny 2, we have to go to the location of the Vex structure, here is a cave to the southeast in a wall, it is necessary that we enter to begin to see where to find all the penguin memories, then noticing that a yellow Wyvern bar and another Vex appear, once we take them out we have access to the back to find the penguin memory.
  • In the Well of Infinity: to answer where to find all the penguin memories we have to go to this location for the second, then it is necessary that we go to the Asterion abyss, then to the right where there is a vex tunnel to Nexo, it which puts us down to the well, now continuing this path in Destiny 2 we have to reach a corridor that slopes downwards, but before we go down the tunnel it is necessary to turn left to reach an alcove where we find a shield on the wall, having an interaction is going to fall, and we find the second memory.

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  • The Ruins of Eventide: the present location places us in Europe, where it is required to find the whereabouts of a fallen enemy that is capable of hanging on the platforms that are near the elevator that will take us to Riis-Reborn Approach in Destiny 2, considering We need a Scorch cannon from this, what we will do is go to public events and then take the elevator, but being near the Riis-Reborn Approach we have to ignore it and follow the platform that will take us to the location of said enemy, then to continue as to where to find all memories of penguins you have to kill it to take the cannon from it, it is important that we have at least one bullet that allows us to get the third memory, you have to go to the building that is in the Lost sector of Bunker 15 to enter, although there are several entrances we have to go through the one with the steps, this through a hole in the wall and before going up we see that to the right a strange block of ice is found that is key in where to find all penguin memories, which we shoot to get the third one.
  • In Bray Exoscience: we have that it is an area that we may have seen before in Destiny 2, this place is part of Cadmus Ridge, being here we have to enter normally, then we go down through the frozen tunnels to reach the first room, where after we have to go behind through the door that is on the far left, we continue the way down until we reach a room that has red light, then in relation to where to find all the penguin memories we have to find it at the right, only around this there is a shield, which leads us to kill some enemies so that it disappears and thus take the fourth penguin.
  • The Asterion Abyss: once we enter this area of ​​Destiny 2 it is possible to notice a Vex that is hanging on top of the ice cliff, it is necessary that we go up to remove the Vex, which allows us to continue advancing in knowing where to find all penguin memories once we go for the fifth by sitting on the edge of the cliff.
  • In Riis Reborn: it is a place that is part of the eventide ruins, when we get to wake up at Varik's base we have to go north to get here, then take the elevator that takes us to Riis Reborn in Destiny 2, now We have to go to a room that has a raised door on the left and a rear door on the right, in the campaign the back door was closed with the stasis lock, something to consider, but in that right corner we have an enemy of yellow bar that is known as Marauder, we have to kill him in order to progress as to where to find all the penguin memories by getting the sixth.
  • In Nexus: to the east of the Asterion abyss is the underground area of ​​Vex, being necessary that once we wake up at the Charon junction, use the sparrow to go right, turning right later to reach the abyss and take the tunnel, once here at Destiny 2 what we will do is go to the edge and look up, managing to detail a Vex Diamond, when we shoot another one will appear, then we must go to the right following the ridge to reach a vex structure at the one that we will jump, then it is necessary to go back a little to locate the third Vex Diamond, while for the last one we will jump down, only that we will go to the back in the direction of the well of infinity, which allows us to find the last one Diamond Vex, now as to where to find all the penguin memorabilia we have the seventh once we shot this Vex.

  • The Dawn of Kell: at the top of the elevator in the Riis-Reborn Approach we will be able to access some tunnels in Destiny 2, here are some Vex enemies, which we have to kill and continue through the area, in the area On the extreme right there is an enemy called Stasis Spinner, we must kill him as a possibility of access to where to find all penguin memories, this being the case for the eighth, considering that it is not certain that the death of this enemy factor decisive for the appearance of this penguin, but it is best to kill it for safety.
  • Eternity: what we will do as far as where to find all penguin memories at this point that comes to be the ninth and last is to go to Cadmus Ridge, then to Bray Exoscience, we go through the tunnels until we reach the back that takes us to a large room, we continue through the door on the left to start the journey to Eternity, we have to move for a long time until we reach a room that has large piles of servers, it is a central console, we have to pass to a double-level corridor until we find an enemy with a yellow bar, we defeat him, and he will drop a sphere of charge, which we will carry beyond eternity, for this we must go up from platform to platform, achieving that at Finally let's find a machine in which the charge sphere can be used, now when interacting appears in Destiny 2 the ninth memory in a box.

We hope that this detailed information here on where to find all penguin memories has been very useful to progress in Destiny 2.

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