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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-05 19:00:56

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Knowing how to sword fly is a necessary task in Destiny 2 and here we explain how to achieve it.

What is the sword fly in Destiny 2?

This is only a necessary technique and it may well be that we can carry out a corporal in this game, the objective of them is to achieve a great distance which is excellent because it allows you to jump enormous walks, since it is ideal to pass some sections of Certain Activities Best of all, knowing how to fly the sword is simply a recently discovered find.

How to sword fly in Destiny 2?

The possibility of flying the sword has simply made us cheer up a bit especially after the season of the worthy when we believed that this could have come to an end, the small detail is that this did not happen in this way and on the contrary is more current than ever, since that has to add the possibility of an assault Banner to execute it, this means that it will be necessary:

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  • Place a Banner when the Tesseract Buff is up.
  • Then we activate Tesseract getting it to be before the ability can transport the player much later.
  • In the case of Season of Rivals there was the possibility of flying the sword is achieved using the exotic sword Worldline the Tesseract ability.

The Guillotine sword can be favorable and works as a trick because this is because this particularly often gives it a slip and run on sorcerers. The running speed allows us to have the possibility of going beyond the limits to explore and cross some spaces, thereby facilitating the use of the flight of sparrows and swordsmen that are present, since the running speed is already a little cut but to continue By promoting these techniques, assault flags are present and may be the most used in the future.

In this sense, knowing How to sword fly allows us to simply explore more places available in Destiny 2.

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Tiger Engine
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September 6, 2017
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