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Destiny 2: How to Find Omar Agah’s Knives

2019-10-23 12:29:23

It is very rewarding to get what we want, so in this guide we will tell you how to get the Omar Agah’s Knives in Destiny 2.

  Who is Omar Agah in Destiny 2?

Omar is a hunter and one of Eris's best friends for a long time and as you know, in the Shadowkeep update, Eris Morn offered us a Memory Search mission, composed of several tasks related to the lost members of his former team of firefighters. Completing all tasks will restart you with high-value pieces of equipment as well as information about Eris that will help you scare away your nightmares.

In more recent task you will have to find the Omar Agah’s Knives after being kidnapped by the hive and being eaten alive by their babies, until it gives chills.

How to get Omar Agah’s Knives in Destiny 2?

The first thing to do to get Omar Agah's knives in Destiny 2 will be to defeat a powerful hive wizard, this is not complicated, don't worry. What you have to do first is to go to the K1 Revelation Lost sector and move on until you find an armored glass, at this point you will have to kill all the nearby hives so that the magician appears. In order to get a part of the knives you will have to take the final blow with your super, this is something mandatory to be able to get them.

The next thing to get the Omar Agah’s Knives will be to get precision murders on powerful enemies or guardians using one of the sniper-type rifles although you can also use one of the arcs.

You can cultivate powerful enemies in PVE or jump into the Crucible, although you can also go straight to Gambit to kill guardians, but this will be more complicated and take longer. So we have chosen to go directly to Crucible where the guards will drop the knives without much complications making it faster.

The incursion of Leviathan can help you get the knives you need quickly by taking care of powerful enemies that will not be complicated to overcome, so it is certainly a very good option to make things easier.

When you have the 20 knives in your possession you can return to the Moon, so go to the portal in the Sanctuary and using the search marker you can find Eris. You will have to hand him the knives but don't go to collect the reward from the chest yet. First of all, be sure to talk to Eris several times until she walks away to give you information about Omar and the Firefighters team that will be useful for your progress in Destiny 2. Once it moves away you can pick up yours in the chest.

 Now that we have achieved all Omar Agah’s Knives in Destiny 2, we hope you are ready to continue supporting, and for that we have everything you need in our guides about Destiny 2 and other titles that will surely be very useful.

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September 6, 2017

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