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Pay attention, because today we will tell you how to earn medals in guardian games in Destiny 2.

What are the medals in the guardian games in Destiny 2?

This is an item that you will have to achieve when representing your favorite class in guardian games if you want to make your class have a good representation.

How to earn medals in guardian games in Destiny 2?

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    First you have to know that there are four types of medals in Guardian Games:

    • Bronze medals: strikes, crucibles, gambits (worth 1 point)
    • Silver medals: Nightfalls, Survival, Trials (worth 2 points)
    • Gold medals: Strike, Crucible, Gambit Contender Cards (worth 5 points)
    • Platinum Medals: Nightfall, Survival, Trial Contender Cards (worth 15 points)

    To obtain these medals it will be necessary to complete contestant cards, focus playlists, rewards and triumphs, the key is to be completing Contender cards whenever you can and that you will receive from Laurels from Eva at the Tower.

    You can find the medals in your medal box, with maximum capacity, so you will have to deliver them before it is full, since all the others you receive after the medal capacity is full will be lost.

    You will deliver your medals in the Tower modium and each one is worth a different number of points depending on the difficulty.

    You must bear in mind that every 25 points earned, you will receive the Pinnacle reward.

     That's all you need to know about how to earn medals in guardian games in Destiny 2, so we hope you can get as many medals as you can and get the most out of the game with them.

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