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Desperados III: How to Disable Save Reminder

2020-06-18 09:25:27

Now that Desperados III has been released, there are many users wondering how to disable the save game reminder and here we reply

What is the Desperados III save game reminder?

It is a quick save reminder that detects on your screen from time to time so that you do not forget to save the progress you have accumulated, which is completely timely so as not to forget to save the progress, it ends up becoming an annoying notice after a while , so you will want to disable it or find a way to configure another way.

How to disable the reminder to save the game in Desperados III?

If you want to disable the reminder completely, you will have to access the settings, where you will find an options menu and the game section. The save reminder settings will be almost halfway down the list, below the character silhouettes and above the automatic stop.
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To only change the frequency with which the reminder appears, we will select any of the preset times five or ten minutes, since before changing this, the reminder appears every minute.

You can always access this menu and these connections, in case you decide to make any other adjustments.

Now that you know how to disable the reminder to save the game in Desperados III, we hope that this reminder does not bother again, or if you decide to simply configure it so that it is not so often, at least you already know how to do it, just remember that if you disable it, easily remind yourself from time to time to save your progress.

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