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If you are wondering where to find Charlie in Updaam in Deathloop, we invite you to read the following article in which we have covered it all for you.

Who is Charlie in Updaam in Deathloop?

Before we tell you where to find Charlie in Updaam, you need to know that this is one of the bosses you will have to hunt in Deathloop, this boss can be found in Updaam only at noon, here he will hang out in a castle created for children games. Finishing him will allow you to get the Shift Slab, but this is not so simple, so let's start with this which is about where to find Charlie in Updaam.

Where to find Charlie in Updaam in Deathloop?

The first thing you need to do if you're wondering where to find Charlie in Updaam in Deathloop, is to make sure the time of day is exactly noon > if you're on the right time you'll need to head to Updaam and keep left when deciding which tunnel exit to use > then advance down the street to the main road > hack the sensors on the left and advance to cross the bridge and access the Fun HGuse building opposite.

Advance to the right along the outskirts of the ruins and dodge as many enemies as you can > head to the back of the open courtyard area and advance through the double doors that are in this location.
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    Go ahead and finish off the guards until you reach a well filled with green gas > turn right and follow the walls to reach a staircase up > continue climbing from level to level until you reach the top. But be sure to watch out for the guards.

    When you're on the top floor with the back of the rocket and the orange cursor hanging above it, you'll need to go through the double doors at the back of the room on the left.

    Take out the trip mines and on the way out finish the rest > the next step is to hack the office turrets to get inside. In the first room you will have to get the recorder with Fia to be able to advance along the corridor to the back room.

    In the back room you will have to interact with the terminal that is on the table and has the yellow screen, this will allow you to access the messages to read, then return to the previous room and get the photo that is to the left of the door.

    This photo will reveal that Fia and Charlie are something of an item, which should allow you to eliminate them both at the same time.

    It's important that your tracker is set to Shift Slab in the Arsenal Clues menu, this way you'll be able to see where Charlie is still teleporting below you > after this you'll need to head into the room and wait near one of the places where he appears > jump and break his neck when he appears and take the Slab and take the residue from his body to infuse the slab which you can keep even if the day restarts.

    That's all you need to know about where to find Charlie in Updaam in Deathloop and now that you know, we hope you manage to find this boss with no problem.

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