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The action in Deathloop does not stop, and today we are going to show you where to find all pictograms.

What to know about Deathloop?

In order to kill Fia and Charlie, a clue is required, which puts us in Fristand Rock, a fortress in which we will look for a code that this couple uses to access their hiding place, being inside it is required to resolve where finding all pictograms helps us to get the 4-digit code, now to have the details, let's follow the following content of this guide.

Where to find all pictograms in Deathloop?

To have details about where to find all pictograms we have to be 4 in total, and we will see the location of each one in Deathloop below:
  • First: inside the main room we are going to find this first pictogram whose name is the exit of the Fia stage in Deathloop, we will notice that this place has a painting with green and white symbols, in zero silver, then we will subtract 3 on where to find all the pictograms.

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    • Second: known as the main room tends, we have a picture in a huge corridor, which in turn places us at the main entrance of the place, next to the first of the pictograms that we find in Deathloop, we focus on the connection of the entrance of the facility with the Fia reactor, on the huge wall will be the painting with green and white symbols on the first floor we have it.
    • Third: the description of this he is under the behemoth with wheels, very close to the previous pictogram, will be, which places us where the eternalists are hanging in front of the truck, then on where to find all the pictograms this places us in the front of this truck to find in the lower area a red painting with the green and white symbols as before.
    • Fourth: on where to find all the pictograms we have reached the last one, it is known as lubricating the shaft, we will have it in the elevator shaft, what we will do is go through the main entrance or the upper area, it is ideal starting from the location From the second of the pictograms, once we are inside the elevator we will look for the red paint with green and white symbols, we will notice that to reach it a double jump in Deathloop is required.

    Now what we will do is return to the machine, we will have a route point that takes us to the Fia fortress, but without using the upper or front entrance, it is necessary to go through the side entrance, through the right area of ​​the installation is located, being close to this fortress we have to stick to the right to find a platform that has a door to enter, we have to face Charlie's machine to be under these facilities, this is where we have to align the 4 pictograms With a correct sequence, being this in numbers, we will use 08, 41, 11 and 24, with this we have access to the interior door of the room to get to the pumping station, completing this area in this way.

    In this way we finish our Deathloop guide, now you know where to find all pictograms, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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    14 September 2021
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